I (F40) took the virginity of a younger guy

So this guy is the son of an older couple i know through work. We’ve known eachother for a few years now. I’ve asked him before about having girlfriends and relationships but he never seemed to want to open up about it. It turned out he’d never been in a relationship with a woman and so I thought i’d invite him over for drinks at my place with a few others. When it was time to go home i offered him to stay over since he didn’t know how to drive and a taxi would have been expensive. The others left and I offered him another drink and sat beside him watching TV. I brought up the no girlfriend thing and he was a little embarrassed. I asked him if he wanted to kiss me and he did. I took him up to my room and rode him. It wasn’t the most amazing sex but it wasn’t the worst either. I definitely made him a happy man 🙂

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