I (F28) fingered a family friend (F19) at my father’s funeral, before taking her virginity (long post)

Ok, so, this is an almost entirely true story with many of the details changed for privacy and anonymity and all that. Sorry if I ramble. Like many here, I just want to get it out while it’s fresh and I like to write. The dialog is verbatim in places and approximated in others, but as close to the spirit of the real event as I could recall it.
Let’s start with the players involved:
Me. “Sam”. 28 year old Caucasian woman from the American west coast. Former US Air Force, currently in the Reserves, and I work two part time jobs as a dance fitness instructor and as part of an online woodworking business. I am 5”10(1.77m), 170lbs(77kg), with dark brown hair in a pixie cut, dark brown eyes, a gave often called pretty, and I look really good with cool tone eyeshadows and dark red lipsticks. In terms of body, I’m quite fit, my butt gets lots of compliments due to my squats, and my breasts are around 30B. Not so small they don’t exist but also not going to rock anyone’s world.
Her. “Beth”. 19 year old Caucasian/Greek girl, also from the American West coast. All her measurements are approximates. She’s 5’3 (160cm), \\\~140lbs (63kg), and she works for an IT helpdesk. She’s a curvy girl, but also pretty fit from softball and lots of nature hobbies. Her hair is this redwood auburn and wavy like wind blown wheat fields which she keep long, hanging to the middle of her back. Her eyes are light brown, almost golden when the light hits them, with eyelashes so dark you’d swear she was wearing eyeliner all the time. Her face is beautiful, heart-shaped, with a wide mouth, full lips, perfect teeth, two big dimples in her cheeks, and her skin has this touch of olive from her greek mother’s side that adds a radiance to her entire body. She has flawless skin I envy deeply, and her legs are magnificent, leading to strong, well cared for feet. I’m not much of a butt girl, but she’s got cake for days, almost bordering on dump truck (I think it’s cute where she’s insecure about it), but the coup de grace is her chest; Large, round, 38Ds with small brown nipples (Ds, not DDs. Just rightnin my opinion) When she wears cleavages it’s like God’s gift to humanity.
So yeah, that’s Beth and I. My father passed away a few months ago and his service was this last Saturday. As the youngest of six kids, I wasn’t super close to him. He was old fashioned and mostly doted on his three oldest, who were also the boys. Beth is the daughter of my dads best friend, and she and I have known each other sinse Beth was born and gotten closer over the last few years as Beth has needed female input over the years. Their family is pretty conservative and she recognizes that’s I’m a very sex-positive person and when she wanted advice or vent, I was there. She was a very innocent girl through high school. Like she would tell me, in whispered tones and among blushes, about kissing guys, making out, the first time she let a guy’s hand under her shirt, then under her bra. Before she graduated she had gotten all the way up to being fingered and giving a hand job! I’m proud of her restraint, because I had a 15+ body count by the time I graduated and regret a lot of it, but it was still adorably innocent hearing it from her. For a while there was heavy virgin energy from Beth.
She also came to me when she was questioning her interest in girls, having had a couple of less-than-innocent cuddles with a girl friend of hers recently. I’ve been open about my bisexuality for years and was happy to talk with her, but I also have a huge voyeur kink and everything she would talk about would turn me on like crazy. I admit I’d been having sexual thoughts and fantasies about her since she first talked about getting fingered by a boy at her youth group, and especially sinse she had shown more physical affection to me in recent months, including cuddling and hand holding where that hadn’t happened before.
Anyway, at the funeral I was wearing a black dress. Nothing slutty, but sleeveless with a high collar and a pair of pumps. Beth was wearing black 2in heeled knee high boots, a black skirt, a black blouse (with a delicious, yet classy amount of cleavage), and a silver and midnight blue jacket. But best of all, for my lustful taste, was her hair being pinned back with a large black bow. I love it when girls wear bows in their hair. It’s a thing for me. I don’t know why.
I liked my dad but we weren’t close and the funeral was nice, but I wasn’t overwhelmed with emotion. He’d been going downhill for a while and I had come to terms with it long ago. I was mainly there for my family and to say thank you to the man who did provide for me through my youth and such. It was nice. Beth was taking it well, but her eyes were still red rimmed and puffy from crying, as her “uncle” had been very present in their lives. She and my dad had probably been closer than he and I. He was a well-liked chef, and so we had a large spread of food and a big crowd for a reception. I made the rounds and thanked everyone, but eventually found myself sitting with Beth. I checked on her and made sure she was doing ok, which she was, and it was turning into a much more low-key and social event.
We joked around a bit, especially after a cousin of mine came by to say hi and non-discretely ogle Beth’s tits. We had a chuckle over it and she caught me looking as well.
“Not you too!” She said, hitting me with her clutch.
“Always, honey, always,” I said, taking in a long, lingering gaze of her “tracts of land”. She laughed it off, but also puffed up her chest a little and tugged the blouse down an inch. We laughed a little more when several others took note of them and I made a (half) joking effort to constantly stare at the
I don’t even remember how all of it happened but eventually Beth and I were holding hands on the table top, which felt comforting, but I was really feeling the tingle between my legs that comes with looking at and touching a gorgeous girl peacocking her cleavage. Especially when Beth winked at me after a female family friend took a nice long glance and her. I decided to excuse myself to the restroom and Beth followed. I’d been planning this funeral at this golf course/event center and I knew where all the bathrooms were, so I knew where the bride and groom bathrooms were, which were private and I wouldn’t have to stand in line.
This was the moment when I chose to see if Beth would be open to something inappropriate. You know those moments when you’re so horny or jazzed that you recognize you’re making a bad or risky choice, but choose to do it anyway? That was me. I want to touch her, hold her, kiss her, the whole deal. So when I went into the bathroom, I held the door open.
“Are you coming?” I asked, and Beth stepped in eagerly. She looked around, seeing it was single user toilet, and looked back to me as the door swung closed with me inside.
“You need to go?” I asked.
“A little, but I was just tagging along! I didn’t realize it was a single. I can wait outside.”
“I just wanted your tits here for my entertainment,” I said in a joking tone, but I went for it and cupped her breasts in my hands and gave them a little squeeze. The trill of that moment was incredible. I’d had a lot girls in my hands, but this felt so much more exciting and risky and taboo.
“Aunt Sam!” she laughed, slapping me with her clutch again.
I smiled and kissed her cheek. She kissed my cheek back, like close family.
I kissed her cheek again, letting my lips linger.
She stiffened, but kissed my cheek back again.
I pulled back and held her shoulders, looking her square in the face.
“You’re so beautiful, Beth.”
“Sam… what are you doing?” She asked. She was confused, but she wasn’t defensive. I know she’d kissed a girl before. I know she liked it.
“I’m testing the waters,” I replied, trying to be honest but coy, like maybe if she showed an obvious disinterest I would be able to pull back and change the context of my words.
Her eyes narrowed but there something playful to it. There was a desire there.
“Testing the waters? Testing my waters, for like…” she brushed her fingers delicately over the top of her breasts. “…stuff?” that one motion spiked my arousal like an an epinephrine shot.
I managed to shrug and ran my fingers over the exact same spot, feeling her satiny skin.
I stepped forward and confirmed for her what I wanted. Perhaps she had never seen bedroom eyes on a woman, much less on me, but she didn’t back away.
Now, let me clarify one bit of information. I’m a pretty active participant in BDSM. Not every relationship or hook up, but a lot of them. If I found a long-term partner, they would need to be into it too. In that, I’m a Switch. For those who don’t know, it’s someone who enjoys both the dominant and the submissive roles, instead of just one. I can switch in any pairing, but I greatly prefer being domme to women and a sub to men. So at this moment, my heart hammering in my chest, my body screaming for sex, and the lusciously taboo idea of funeral sex in my sights, I was going full domme mode on Beth.
I placed both of my hands on her face, cupping her jaw and forcing her meet my eyes. There was a lot of emotion in those eyes, including excitement.
“Tell me ‘no’ and I’ll leave and we’ll never mention this again,” I told her.
“What’s a yes?” Beth asked.
I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips. I kept it quick, gentle, but also really trying to let her know how serious I was. I wanted to communicate my lust.
“Tell me ‘no’ and we’ll pretend that never happened, Beth.”
Her response was to put her clutch down on the counter and smile, leaning up for another kiss. She did this thing where she put her hands behind her back and leaned up on her toes to kiss me. It was adorable and it doubled down on my desire to dominate her.
I kissed her again, harder, more insistent, and she groaned, wrapping her arms around me and proffering her tongue to mine. We made out for a while but I needed more, and I pushed her jacket off. She ran her hands down my front, lightly brushing my breasts.
I grabbed her by the shoulders and twisted her around. Now, we were facing the mirror and I pressed her against the counter with my pelvis, pinning her thighs to the granite. I pawed at her blouse and pulled it down her arms, exposing her bra. She met my eyes in the mirror, full of arousal and excitement like me, and we smiled at one another as she reached up and undid the clasp between her cleavage. Her tits popped free and I pulled the cups apart, revealing them. I groped her and kissed her cheek, her neck, and her ears, gently nibbling the cartilage as she stiffled moans.
Her breasts were just as soft and perfect as I imagined, and I squeezed them, first gently, then hard enough to hurt. I also played circles and pinches with her small brown nipples, which stood out hard and hungry. She was a toy in my hands.
“Aunt Samantha!” She groaned quietly, and the addition of “aunt” drove me wild. I was in charge, and she let me.
I soon pushed one flat hand to her waistband and slid in, finding her panties. I slipped into them and cupped her sex, finding it soft and damp. I usually like my girls shaved, but hers felt at least trimmed, and I swirled my fingers around her clit, which made her hump my hand.
I stood there, pinning her, and kissed her, playing with her tits, and fingering her for quite a while. My fingers slid inside her virgin pussy easily, and I felt how tight she was. I teased her clit constantly, and she had to cover her mouth to stiffle her voice.
We jumped when we heard a noise, but it was just someone going into the grooms bathroom across the hall.
It took a moment but Beth, face flushed, bent over the sink, arms braced and tits hanging out, looked at me in the mirror with her beautiful, desperate eyes.
“I’m close!” she gasped, over and over.
And she was close. I rubbed my groin against her ass as she shook and held back the verbal componant of her orgasm until she was wheezing and hissing in pleasure. I was so hot I wanted to scream. She finished, petering out in a slow slump over the sink, breathing heavily. My hand was soaked from her juices and made a slick sound when I pulled it out of her waistband.
“Holy shit,” she said, pushing herself up. “That was amazing.”
I wasn’t done, however, and I turned her back around, pushing her ass against the counter and started kissing her. The same hand, still wet, pulled up my skirt and I quickly found my own pussy. I masturbated as I ground against her, and she put her hand between my legs, probing. I guided her down and she fingered me hesitantly as I leaned over and sucked her tits.
I needed to finish myself off due to her own inexperience, but I always come quickly. I pulled her hair and kissed her hard as my orgasm ran up and down my spine and when it was finished I dropped my skirt, fastened her bra, pulled up her blouse, and held her. We stood there and kissed until I was certain someone would be missing us.
“Are you ok, baby girl?” I asked, assigning her my favorite pet name for sub girls.
“Yeah!” she breathed, looking wild eyes. “That was nuts! And really nice! Shit!”
“But are you ok?” I repeated. “We just pushed some boundaries. You’re like family and I just finger fucked you at a funeral.” I loved the taboo and, mind you, and I loved saying it out loud (I have some sort of talking fetish. I love talking about and hearing about sex and talking during sex. It makes me so horny.)
“Yeah, I think I’m ok. I mean, it was crazy. And yeah, I love it. I’ve read some stories like this.”
“You like sex stories?” I asked, giggling. I do too, obviously, or I wouldn’t be posting here.
“Yeah! All the time! My favorite… stimulation. Next to this!” She held my hand and was looking up at me with that post-orgasm bliss in her big eyes.
“I liked this a lot, Sam.”
“If you ever want more, Beth, just say when.”
We cleaned up, left the bathroom, and went on with the funeral. I was on a high I couldn’t shake. I felt amazing and satisfied, though just a touch guilty.
But later, and this was the best part for me, Beth came to me and hugged me tight, kissing me on the cheek.
We had a talk, then. Aside from the crowd, her hand in mine, and we detailed what we wanted. We talked about sex, the changes it can bring in relationships and such. I told her about my particular sexual needs and she talked about the kind of experiences she wanted. It was very candid and honest, and when it was done, I went to her father, and told him that I wanted to spend some time with Beth and asked if I could take her out for the evening after the funeral. He was fine with it, as was his wife. I was worried they’d want some sort of family closeness night after the funeral but it just seemed like everyone was spent. I had to act like I was grim and sad but inside I was flying high on good brain juice.
So for the purpose of brevity, because this is already way too long, I took her home from the funeral, both of us giddy as school girls.
We had sex.
I want to describe all of it, every motion and kiss and action but it would be a whole erotic novel. I taught her how to undress a woman, how to have solid foreplay (which she had already experienced a lot of) and then taught her how to finger me, how to eat my pussy, how to use a dildo on a girl, and so on. I in turn did everything I could think of to give her a wonderful first time, including when she sat on my face and rode me for a half hour.
And it was wonderful. I also talked to her about being a sub for me, which she was interested in trying. I even gave her one of my favorite collars as a gift and she wore it while I ate her out one last time, this time with a blind fold and her hands tied behind her back. Genuinely one of the best nights of my life.
I groped my young friend at my father’s funeral and then took her virginity. We’re not “in love”. She’s not going to be my girlfriend, as I don’t really date women. But there’s a love there, and a dash of romance, but I see myself like her teacher and mentor. With benefits! We’re definitely going to do it again, having made plans for this coming weekend and I couldn’t be more excited.
Thank you got reading and I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to ask me anything and I’ll maybe put put updates soon!

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