I (F27) pulled over and played with myself in my car

I (27 F) – pulled over in my car after work around 10pm, I had only been driving for 10 minutes or so… I had this urge go through my body. Thankfully, I have two toys stashed in my boot for these times.

It was my first time I had ever pulled over and started masturbating with myself.
I was already soaking wet, I turned my car off. Jumped out.. opened my boot and grabbed my toys. Quickly took off my work pants and popped my legs up on both sides of my steering wheel and slid my fingers into my tight little pussy. The warmth of my pussy was crazy, I was dripping so much..

My fingers were doing such a good job, I then started to use my long dildo, teasing my tight pussy and stretching it out.
(Would love if someone would buy me an anal toy so i could fill all my holes up : will send you free content)

* car is fogging up *

In and out of my slippery dip pussy. Oh i wish it was your big hard cock and your fingers massaging my clit.
There it was the moment where I felt my pussy juice covering the seat. Woops.

Will i do it again ? Absolutely. Maybe I’ll post it on my OF.. Would you be interested ?

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