I [F23] seduced my teacher for a better grade and success in an attempt to ruin NNN

As I’m sure you already know, I continue my mission to make as many as I can cum for me. Fail the NNN is my motto for this month.

I didn’t have anything wild planned today. Everything changed when the teacher gave us an unexpected test. I knew I had no chance of succeeding. And I really need those points to move on to the next grade. I decided my next victim would be my teacher. I’ve liked him for a long time. He’s kinda hot and has an incredibly sexy, rough voice.

After class, I went to his office. I sat on his desk without hesitation. And I told him that I’d work for a better grade myself. I had become much more confident during November. I would never have thought of such a thing before.

He was shocked, but he knew right away that I was serious. He spoke in that slightly angry voice again fuck that was so horny.

After a little bit I couldn’t even hear what he was telling me. I was caught in my imagination. My brain switched off and I pulled my leg up and I put it on his cock to feel if he already had a boner. It was rock hard it felt like his trousers will explode soon. After that moment time didn’t feel real anymore. Firstly I went under the desk to suck his cock. I loved it. Then he told me to get up fuck my pussy was dripping so hard. Iam getting so wet again just by thinking about it.

He railed the shit out of me I nearly couldn’t hold it back I was moaning. But I tried not to scream. In about 5 different positions he used me like a dog. I finished so hard I can’t even remember how often. He fucked me raw and I told him to finish in me and give me as much cum as I deserve.

Of course my good little student girl he was screaming. He filled me up completely. It felt sooo good. Even now I can feel my pussy pulsing…

I admit I didn’t address with him whether he knew the stupid november challenge. Does this count as my success fighting NNN?

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