I (F23) got fingered while his (M24) parents were in the car

My friend (M24) and I were heading back from the movies at night and it was really dark. His dad was driving, his mom was in the passenger seat, his two little sisters took up the two middle seats. My friend and I were in the back. I had admitted to him previously during a conversation about our kinks that I was really sensitive and anything done to my neck (hot breathing, choking, etc.) turned me on a lot, as well as being dominated and that I like having the thrill of being caught. Ever since then our conversations have carried a lot of sexual tension. In the car, I was leaning on him and he had his arms around me and resting on my waist. He slowly slid his hand up my waist and onto my neck and gripped it slightly, and he laughed against my neck when I tipped my head back and gasped a little. He then moved his hand into my sweatpants and started rubbing my clit, and used his other hand to cover my mouth and occasionally grip my neck lightly. I got soaking wet in no time at all and he fingered me while his parents and his sisters were literally talking about Disney Channel. I was grinding against his fingers and trying so hard not to make a sound.. we had a conversation later about maybe becoming friends with benefits and I’m seeing him in a week and I can’t wait!!

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