I [F21] took my little brother and his best friend’s [M18] virginity

[Part 1 of 2]

Splitting the story in two parts since I keep running into error messages when I try to post the whole thing.

My little brother and his best friend are wankers, they’re always complaining they can’t get a girlfriend and all they talk about is porn, sad virgins, honestly.

It’s been a while I found out he is into incest porn, I heard them talk about it, I also took a peek at some stuff he was reading here. The thought of teasing my little brother really turned me on. I admit I always thought he was attractive, but it was the first time I actually thought of being physical with him. I let my imagination consume me and spent the days thinking of ways to seduce my little brother.

I planned my first move, I decided to test the waters and show off a little. I opened the door to my room, put on earphones and pretended to be oblivious to them, just tidying up a bit, wearing nothing but a red lingerie. I heard them come out of my brother’s room and I knew they would pass by my room inevitably. I turned my back to the door and bent over. Eventually I could feel their eyes on me, probably staring at what was exposed because of my small thong, perhaps a bit of a lip… or both. These seconds felt like forever, when I turned around I didn’t act surprised or shy, I took an earphone out and said “sorry, I thought I was home alone”. They didn’t say anything, just left looking a little bit shocked.

I started to shower with the door open when I knew he was home, alone or with Kyle, I could tell I was being stared at, so I put on a show by really opening my legs to wash my holes or bending over to wash my feet. Still, no moves from them, as expected from virgins. Until one day I decided to cook us breakfast wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt, you could see my nipples poking through it and half of my ass was exposed. He asked why I was always naked these days and I said “I just enjoy showing off a little, do you like what you see?”, he just replied “yeah”. I told him jokingly “I knew it, pervert”, he laughed and it helped to ease the awkwardness. Still, I could see his boner when he got up.

With my mouth still watering and my pussy dripping wet, to the point I could feel it running down my legs, I ran to my room and rubbed my pussy thinking about my little brother’s cock, in my fantasies he would moan and call me “big sis”. I was acting like my wanker brother I often mocked. A few minutes later I could hear some moaning coming from his room, I barged in and found him holding his phone while jerking off. His cock was dripping with pre-cum, it looked so delicious, he was irresistible in his grey sweatpants and with his naturally defined abs showing. But he felt shy and tried to cover himself when he saw me and forgetting his phone for a moment, I managed to take a peek at the screen and noticed he was using a picture of me in the shower as masturbation material. He yelled at me to leave, so I did.

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