I [F21] got fingered while my parents watched

I’m 21F and my brother is 18m.

Our parents are married and we all live together in a nice two-story home.

Me and my younger brother, who I’ll call Jason for the sake of us not getting into trouble.

Me and Jason have always been really close. We know each other very well and are basically best friends.

Well five months ago he randomly invited me to an incesst related discorrd community. A place where people where sharing their own videos and stories. I thought that was weird and he didn’t mean to send it to me. That was confirmed since he deleted it about 20 minutes later. I’m not sure if i am allowed to share the server here but i put the invite on my page. If you can not see it try updating your reddit app or ask me for an invite. That server is wild lol

At first I thought something was wrong and would ask him about it but he would just brush it off and change the subject.

I would also notice how his cheeks would go red whenever I was wearing short/revealing clothing.

Due to the hot weather, I’ve been wearing a lot of crop tops, shorts and skirts.

Every time I pass by him I would catch him starring at my ass. I would ignore it and just go about my day.

Well one day we were both in the kitchen and I was wearing a crop top with a short skirt.

We were both talking and I would occasionally catch him starring at my ass or breasts.

I asked him about it and he finally confessed about liking me and wanting to touch me. I was surprised and noticed how embarrassed and ashamed he was about it. I didn’t want him to feel bad about it cause I also found him a bit attractive.

I had told him that if he wanted to touch me then he could which had shocked him, but he was happy about it nonetheless.

He walked up to me and put his hand under my skirt, moving the piece to the side and feeling how wet I was. He aligned his fingers and started fingering me, causing me to moan. I did my best to stay quiet since our parents were coming downstairs and had entered the kitchen.

Jason kept fingering me, but hid it by acting like he was hugging me from behind. I had to suppress my moans until our parents finally left.

Once they left and went back upstairs I started moaning again, but still kept quiet until I came all over his fingers.

He pulled both fingers out and licked my juices off of them.

It was the most amazing thing to ever happen to me and it felt so good. This happened recently and ever since it happened we hadn’t spoken to each other or been near each other.

I put the server on my page, I’ll update y’all if anything else happens.

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