I [F] was a soccer mom one minute, and 10 minutes later I was laying with my head upside down on a park bench and my throat filled.

I’m not an exhibitionist. Far from it. I get off on being secretly slutty. I’ve only fucked in “public” a couple of times (if you could call a deserted side road in the dark public). Which is why I can’t believe that I did what I did. I’ve loved sharing my slutty firsts and dares here, so here goes another – my sluttiest public act – being face-fucked upside-down on a park bench by a bull after dropping my husband and child off for warm up at their sporting event.

We were on our way to the same town for a game where a bull I was seeing lived. I sent a message as a tease, saying “wouldn’t it be hot if I could sneak off and meet you for a quickie”. I wasn’t expecting him to respond right away, but he did and told me he was just sitting around watching tv, so to “ask permission”. I jokingly shared with my husband, and to my complete surprise, he said, “Do it”. I couldn’t believe it. He doesn’t like me to play alone, and I like a build up to all of my experiences/sessions, so a 10 min mental prep was a bit overwhelming, but said, what the hell, you only live once. I might not get this chance again.

He said to meet him at a park about 5 min from where I was. He would be there soon. I was freaking out. It was evening and starting to get dark, but we could absolutely be seen. We met in the parking lot, walked for a few min off of the main path and came to a picnic table. I told me to stop and get on my knees. He pulled out his cock (he was just in track pants so too easy), grabbed the back of my hair, and told me to slowly lick it. I licked him up and down for a few minutes (making sure I got his balls also), then he roughly pulled me up, bent me forward over the table and spanked my ass hard. I love having my ass spanked. I was dripping. I was also terrified that someone would hear. It was getting darker now, but we had walked by a few people on the way over. I was freaking out.

I begged him to quickly fuck me so we could get out of there, but he said no. He had another idea. He told me to lay on my back on the table with my head hanging off. Omg. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do, but I followed his instructions. He began to aggressively face-fuck me. I was gagging, but so turned on. At the same time, he was reaching over and rubbing my pussy. I came within minutes. And it wasn’t long before he was ready. He tried to pull out but ended up cumming on my neck and in my hair. Fuck. He gave me his shirt to wipe off, but I had to go back to the game with cum in my hair. He walked me to my car. We passed a few people on the path on the way back. They stared at us. Wonder if they knew.

Adventures of a secretly, slutty Hotwife continues 😉.

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