I [F] drove for 3 hours to meet a girl I met on tinder and had sex for a day and a half

I had been going through a dry spell a few years ago, and was getting quite frustrated because I find it hard to meet people in person. I spent a lot of time on tinder in that time but rarely talked to anyone I was really into, or close enough to meet up.

Then one day I matched with an absolutely gorgeous girl who was really fun to talk to and we started sexting relatively quickly, but she also lived really far away. She was very sexually open once we got talking, and she was having sex with (quite a few) guys and girls during the weeks we were chatting, which I loved. I think at first she was trying to keep quiet about sleeping with people when we were chatting… but we were sexting one day and I asked her when was the last time she had sex. She replied that she had sex two days before with a guy she’s friends with. I got a pang of jealousy and then a huge rush of excitement and got insanely horny from her telling me about it.

One day she suggested we meet up in a hotel somewhere in between where we both live and stay for a night. Neither of us had a time that suited for quite a while so we booked about a month in advance. We talked about what we would do to each other most nights during that time.

When the day finally arrived, I met her at the hotel in the lobby. She was in skinny jeans and a tight black blouse. We chatted very casually at first and had a drink at the bar. I could tell she was an incredibly confident woman who knew just how gorgeous she was. I was incredibly nervous, I hadn’t really done anything like this before but I just followed her lead. When we got to the room she lay down on the bed and I said I was exhausted after the drive and lay down on the bed, trying to leave a gap between us to not be super forward. I looked at her and said “so what do you want to do now?”, she looked me straight in the eye and said “you” and leaned over and began passionately kissing me. I was taken aback at first and nearly pulled away just out of instinct.

She caressed my whole body and got on top of me. I think she sensed I was nervous because she slowed down a little and looked at me as of to check I was okay. I responded by kissing her softly and she resumed but more tenderly this time. Eventually she unbuttoned my jeans and slipped her hand inside. I was soaking by the time she touched me and she told me how wet I was and licked her fingers before putting them back, rubbing my clit. After a few minutes I held her forearm and pushed up my hips to position her finger tips between my lips and I whispered “inside please”. She couldn’t easily slide her fingers inside with my jeans on so she pulled them down and pulled my panties off with them. I felt a little embarrassed being exposed like that, especially since she was fully clothed and I still had my top on. She repositioned herself so she was kneeling next to me and slid her fingers inside me. She kissed me and eventually started speeding up. She was incredible and I was completely over excited by the whole situation and came on her fingers so fast I was shocked and a little embarrassed.

She went down on me after that and tbh I don’t know how many times I came. She was incredible with her tongue and at times she would use her fingers inside me at the same time. I went down on her after that, I can’t even explain the feeling when I made her cum. I was so proud of myself for some reason, she was just so pretty and the fact that I could make her cum was like an endorsement from someone who had a lot of great sex that I was doing it right. I don’t know if that sounds silly…

Tbh we did so much after that it’s sort of a blur. We went down for a really quick dinner at some point but we were pretty much right back at it after that. At some point quite late in the night she pulled out one of those wand vibrators she had brought with her as well. She started using it on just me but after a while she positioned herself against it as well, so we were both grinding on it, basically grinning with the vibe between us.

That night I had the most intense sex dreams and I rarely have sex dreams. And in the morning it was me who initiated again by waking her up by kissing her.

We didn’t really talk much after we met up, we lived so far away from each other that it didn’t really make sense to keep it going. But I still think about that night quite a lot.

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