I [F] [34] think my hubby [M] [36] created a serious monster!

So I posted a story recently explaining what happened to me. You can find it in my profile. Think I posted it in here. But anyways, it’s had quite the effect on me. And boy is that an understatement.

Anyways let me repeat this, but since then getting used and fucked by any man and his cock that looks in my direction is all that’s been on my mind. Every time I’m around our friend now, I just want to immediately drop to my knees so I can suck his sweet cock! Although nothing has tea happened again since the first encounter. I’m waiting to see more develop on that.

But here’s the real story. I recently walked in on my hubbies dad in the shower and saw his big cock and I just wanted to hop in with him. I thought he was my hubby and I went in with just my towel and dropped it to the floor and almost jumped in with him but realized my mistake. I took extra long to put the towel back on concentrated more on apologizing. He acted very understanding but I could see him getting hard very quickly. Later that day I texted him and apologized again. He was very understanding and very complimentary to me. I thanked him by sending him a hot shower pic of mine where I’m wet and fully naked but covering up my nipples. I told him thanks for keeping it between us.

I’ve taken that matter further into my own hands. Wasn’t hard either. Now we’ve been texting like crazy. I think he’s really down to fuck me and I hope we do it soon. I’m so sexually bent up now. I just need sweet relief! Omg! 😩

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