I enjoyed seeing myself getting fucked yesterday

Last weekend I asked my fwb to rent a hotel room for the night so we could have a special place to hook up. I have been exploring myself more and more online. It started as something fun but turned into a new form of sexuality, where I’ve been getting turned on knowing other people are cumming to me or I’m making them hard. One thing I’ve never done is film sex…so I asked him if we could film. Hahahah I was nervous but he giggled and said he was already hard and it was a turn on for him when someone watches even if it’s a phone… which of course made me very wet. I asked him to use my phone for privacy reasons, he grabbed it, tore my pants off. lucky I didn’t have panties on because he quickly mounted me and started fucking my from behind. It was so deep but I could feel only one hand on my ass instead of the normal two. It felt so good and I felt Like such a slut being filmed. Then after about 10 minutes the surprise happened. While I was still on my stomach getting fucked he placed the phone in front of my face. He told me to press play and watch your ass get fucked while I fuck you 🥵. Omg, I’ve never seen a dick go into my ass from that angle and I was now getting fucked hard while I watched myself, it turned me on so much I came quickly 🤤 and was practically begging him to cum inside me…..

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