I Dream of Demie 12 – Backfire by KrosisOfTheCollective

This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who “dips his wick” or “rides the rod” without protection.

I Dream of Demie 12 – Backfire (MF, anal, magic, oral, reluc)

by Krosis of the Collective

I woke to the feeling of my dick being sucked. “Demie…” I moaned. Damn, that demon was insatiable!

“Mm mmm…” someone hummed a negative into my member, which felt strange but also good. I sat up.

Kate the witch in her new brown-haired and curvy 18-year-old body was sucking on me…and she was naked.

“Kate, what…?”

Her lips smacked as she opened her mouth to talk. “Please, Tom, I have to have you…” Then she went down on me again.

“Oh, shit, that feels good…but…why? Won’t you lose your powers if that body doesn’t stay virginal?” Then I realized that I had had sex with Demie the previous night. “Oh! You’re sucking on Demie’s juices; that’s why you’re horny.”

But that didn’t explain why she had gone down on me in the first place. Demie’s vaginal secretions were like Spanish Fly, except for real, but it required someone to get within my personal space for a sniff. There was no reason for Kate to have gotten that close in the first place.

Kate let go of my cock and then quickly slid up my body, making me lie back again. “Accident in my lab…whatever you did last night overloaded everything…the potion I was working on blew up in my fucking face…” She had reached down and was now aiming my very hard cock at her virgin pussy.

She moved downward and I felt the tip slipping into someplace very warm. “Whoa whoa whoa!” I stressed, grabbing her hips to keep her from going further. “What potion?”

She tried pushing herself down more but I moved my knees up to prevent that. “Erhh…” she groaned in frustration, “…love potion…”

“Love…oh shit…”

“I love you, Tom!” Kate moved forward, letting my cock flop free and glomming our mouths together. Her tongue searched for mine, and after a surprised moment I let her find it.

Kate was an unexpectedly good kisser. I didn’t know how much was experience, because from what I understood she could potentially be hundreds of years old, or if it was the passion generated by her backfired love potion, but I revelled in the tongue wrestling. If I ever kissed Demie I’d die, so despite the huge amount of sex I’d been having, my kissing game was in an unfortunate decline.

The lip lock had distracted me and my knees had slid back down onto the bed. While we were kissing, Kate had started to rub her pussy lips up and down my cock shaft, and just then she had been able to trap the tip of my cock between them again.

“Shit!” I broke the kiss and shuffled myself downward along the bed, freeing my cock and keeping her from making a mistake she’d regret for the rest of her life, which I expect would be a lot shorter if she lost her powers.

‘Maybe if I get her off the effect will end,’ I thought to myself, pushing myself even further down and pulling her trimmed muff to my face.

“Oh!” she gasped as I started to lick her pussy. After a few seconds I switched to licking her clit while I pushed a finger inside her, careful not to go too deep in case I accidentally deflowered her. Soon she stiffened and moaned and I could feel her vagina squeezing my finger.

She fell to the side in afterorgasmic shock while I determined her status. She opened her eyes and then reached down to my cock again, stroking it. “I have to have you inside me…”

Well shit, that didn’t work. Then I had a thought. “Kate, what *exactly* would cause you to lose your powers?”

“Loss of my maidenhead…oh, it would feel sooo good…don’t you want to take my cherry again, Tom?”

She almost had me convinced with what she was doing with my cock, but I had an idea. I disengaged and grabbed the bottle of lube that had lain almost forgotten in my bedside table (Demie was able to lube herself up magically), applying its contents to my member. “Bend over.”

“Yes, yes…” Kate readily complied, sticking her butt up toward me. With one hand I held her hips steady and with the other I lined the head of my cock up. Then I began to push inside.

“Oh…ohhhh…” Kate moaned as I penetrated her asshole. With the lube I was able to pop the head in without a lot of force, and then I pushed deeper. So tight!

“Tommm…ooohhh…I’ve neverrr…” Kate flopped her head forward, overwhelmed by the strange new pressure.

I pulled back a little and then pushed in again. Soon I was fully embedded. “Well, you said you wanted me inside you,” I explained, and then started to thrust.

“Uhr…ehh…” she groaned. I was doing my best to be slow and gentle. Once I got a rhythm going, I reached down and started to manipulate her clit.

“Oh, yesss…Tommm…” Now she was humping back at me. I could see her breasts, larger in this new body, bouncing to the rhythm, and I used my other hand to cup one of those beauties and tweak its nipple.

Finally I could take no more. I moved my off hand back to her hip while continuing to thrum her clit and thrust harder…harder…harder…

“Unnhh! Yeah…” My balls gave up their cargo and I filled Kate’s ass with cum. Below me, I heard her gasp and then her body shook in orgasm, the effects reverberating through her anus and squeezing the last few drops out of me and into her rectum.

I carefully extricated myself and a runnel of my cum ran down Kate’s perineum. With her butt still in the air I watched as the sperm-filled semen reached her vaginal lips and slicked them up before the last of it dropped to the bed.

While the thought of my sperm slipping between Kate’s pussy lips without her knowing excited me, I realized that the babymaking craze I had been in for the last week or so was over. If Kate had jumped on me yesterday morning I wouldn’t have held back; I would have callously taken her virginity and filled her up with as much sperm as humanly possible, doing my best to impregnate her new 18-year-old body.

What had changed?

Detective Dianna Shepherd lay on her couch at home, thinking about the previous night. What a crazy evening! She had met the most amazing woman, Demie, and then had her first threesome, though of course Demie’s boyfriend, Tom, hadn’t touched Dianna.

What was it Demie had whispered to her when Dianna had second thoughts about being in the same bed as a man? “Don’t worry…to get to you he’ll have to go through me.”

Unbeknownst to her, millions of Tom’s sperm had indeed gone all the way through Demie’s body and were injected straight into Dianna’s womb by the demon’s tongue! It only takes one, though, and just at that very moment the winner of the race of life pierced the barrier of the police detective’s egg, wriggling its head inside and depositing its genetic payload into her ovum.

Dianna was reaching for her phone to see if Demie had texted her. Electricity arced from her hand to the device, sending it into a reboot cycle.

She looked at her hand, confused. “Weird…”

To be continued…

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