I didnt know he caught us

When I was 22 I was going out with this lad and one night we was at his house while his parents were out. We was having sex and the night went great. I ended up ending the relationship with him few months later. Anyway years later I got a friend request off his dad on FB and he was asking how I was doing so I told him I had settled down etc and he was telling me about Jack (my ex) then he ask if he can tell me a secret! Basically the night with my BF that I mentioned before well he had come home and caught us in bed together not only just caught us he stood there and watch through the door! I knew he wasn’t lying because he remembered it was the day after New years day! He even told me the positions I was in and even went into detail to say that I was bent over with my pink thongs to the side. He even said oh my son must take after me! We carried on talking for a few weeks and eventually he asked me bluntly if he could have a go! At first I said no as it was just weird but the thought wasn’t leaving my head. So eventually I agreed we went to a cafe first for a brew etc then went back to a travel lodge. And my god he was big! He took me 3 times that day! And believe me when I say when I was walking home I was dripping and my legs like jelly! He definitely knew what he was doing! He slept together only once more after that as it got to risky!

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