I Did Ruin It For Them But In My Defense I Couldn’t Stop Myself

I (F20) was one of several women working together. We had a boss (M38) who spent time with us and when we were in trouble financially he bailed us out on our rent or car repairs. He was fast to put his arm around our shoulders, or run his hand down our back. There wasn’t one of us that hadn’t had his hand on our butts. We never complained, we watched other women get some loving, and all we wanted was for him to love us too.

One day I was standing beside him and a power came over me and I tip toed up and kissed him on the cheek. He patted my butt and told me I was sweet to do that. My feelings kept getting more and more difficult to control and I told him I loved him and asked him if he loved me back. Of course I love you, aren’t you one of my girls? I did the worst thing in the world, I lifted my skirt up so he could see my panties. I asked him what his favorite pussy was and told him I needed him to fuck me. Don’t treat me like this, I told him. Why don’t you fuck me?

The other women noticed and they told me not to ruin it for them. But I had to, it wasn’t a thing I could control. I took my panties off in the bathroom and pulled my skirt up in his office. I had to ask him if he wanted my pussy. I got down on my knees and took his cock out and sucked him. I’m your girl, I told him. Why don’t you fuck me?

He did fuck me, it was unceremonious. He fucked me after work, at my apartment, on my bed, and when he got off he said, is that what you wanted? I did, I told him I did, but I wanted him to make love to me, not just fuck me. Don’t get picky, that’s what I thought he said, but he said something else more like, aren’t you picky?

My needs were too big for me to control, I kissed him when I got the chance, I leaned on him when I got the chance, I sat beside him when I got the chance, I let him put his hand on me whenever and wherever he wanted. It was clear to the other women that he was fucking me. And like they said once he started fucking me, he wasn’t affectionate with them. Nice, and all, but not affectionate like he had been.

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