I cheated on my husband with his friend

I (F 19) didn’t know my husbands (M 25) friend (M 29) too well but the three of us were all hanging out and having some drinks. Later that night we went to our house. My husband got sleepy from all the wine we drank and fall asleep, leaving me with his friend one on one. He mentioned that my husband had a conversation with him regarding the challenges we were facing in our intimate life. He acknowledged that he might have overstepped boundaries by delving into such personal matters, but I assured him it was alright. He inquired if things had improved and I remained silent. In response, he expressed surprise and I simply replied with a casual “yeah.” He empathized with my perspective and asked if I had been unfaithful to my husband, to which I denied any such actions. He assured me that he wouldn’t pass judgment or disclose anything to my husband. The expression on his face as he observed me conveyed his understanding of the situation. A smile crept across his lips as he playfully commented on the provocative nature of our conversation. Curiosity got the better of him and he probed for more details. However, upon hearing some of them, he jokingly remarked that it was hard to believe I could be so adventurous. In response, I let him know that he had no idea about the depths of my desires and fantasies. Intrigued by my words, he admitted his interest in exploring further. The tension between us began to escalate and it ignited a captivating sensation within me. Sensing this electric energy between us, I suggested that perhaps he could experience firsthand what it means to engage with someone who has strayed from their commitment. In response to this proposition, he rose from his seat and positioned himself directly in front of me. Our eyes locked intensely as anticipation filled the air. Looking up at him expectantly, he urged me to demonstrate just how much of a seductive adulteress I am. I sat at the edge of the couch and reclined, placing my hands behind me. Looking up at him, I smiled warmly. We began kissing immediately as he pulled my tank top off and unzipped my sports bra. He dropped them on the floor and groped my breasts as he held me against the wall. He stopped kissing me and whispered “Do you like this” and I whispered yes”with a gasp.” I had never been treated like this before. I was kind of scared but I was so horny. He kissed me and slid his hand around my throat. He held me against the wall as he pulled my running shorts off with his other hand. I stepped out of them and he spread my legs with his knees.He rubbed my clitoris as he kissed me. Soon he had pulled his pants down and his dick was rock hard against my stomach. He picked my right leg up and guided his dick inside me. He shoved it in hard and began to fuck me. There was no condom. I was worried about that but I couldn’t stop what was happening to tell him because it felt so good. He then bent me over and began to fuck me hard. His body slammed against mine and I began to get loud. He stopped and took me one the second floor to my husband and I’s bedroom. “If you are gonna moan like that we have to come out here.” He whispered. He threw me on the bed and grabed me by the neck. Felling that I am getting fucked hard by my husbands friend in our bedroom while he is asleep on a coach made my pussy soaking wet. I gasped as his body began to slam against me harder than before. He was aggressive as he gripped my hips and held me as he fucked me. I moaned louder and louder nearly yelping as he fucked me. He was calling me a slut while I was begging him to cum inside of me (I couldn’t control myself anymore at this point). Soon enough, I heard him groaning with forceful thrusts as he reached the peak of pleasure. Afterward, he withdrew from within me and I discreetly put my panties back on while exchanging playful glances with him. We shared a giggle together before agreeing that our encounter would remain our little secret. Shortly after bidding farewell, he got into his car and went home, I changed into a t-shirt and gently slipped into coach beside my slumbering husband with his friends cum inside of me.

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