I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend

My bf caught me cheating on him once but we got back together. I am convincing like that lol. In the meantime he leaned on friends for support and this was one of the main ones he would go to when he needed to vent.

I didn’t know him too well but we were all hanging out and having some drinks with our friends and my bf went to bed and my friend went home, leaving just me and his friend. We were getting along well and he told me he was happy to see me and my bf back together. He told me my bf told him about our issues with sex. He apologized if he was crossing a boundary and getting too personal but I told him it was fine. He asked if it had gotten better and I didn’t answer. He said “oh” and I said “yeah.”

He said he understood where I was coming from and asked me if I had cheated on him again and I denied it of course. He said he wouldn’t judge me or tell him and I just looked at him and that told him everything he needed to know. He smiled and said I was dirty and I smiled. He admitted he thought it was hot and things got flirty. He asked for details and when I gave him some he said he wouldn’t believe I was such a dirty slut.

I told him he has no idea and he said he’d love to find out. I could feel the tension building and it was turning me on. I said that maybe he can find out if he’s up for it and he got up and walked in front of me. We were making intense eye contact and I looked up at him and he told me to show him what a cheating slut I am. I sat on the edge of the couch and leaned back on my hands and looked up at him and smiled.

He put his hand on my cheek and ran his thumb across my lips and put it in my mouth, eventually shoving it in as deep as he could and I sucked it while looking up at him. I was so turned on at this point and he reached for his pants and took them off along with his boxers and pulled his dick out and moved it to my mouth.

I took it in and he told me that I was a dirty slut and I told him to say it again. He ran his hands through my hair as I sucked him hard. It was so hot to be cheating with my bf’s friend when he was passed out in our room. He told me to take my pants off and I said we have to be quiet as I slipped off my jeans. I wasn’t wearing anything special, just jeans, a sweatshirt, and comfy black panties. He told me to touch myself and I did, eventually slipping my hand in my panties as I sucked him.

He pulled out and got on his knees and pulled my panties off and I spread my legs and he ate me out, telling me how good I tasted and how naughty I am. He slipped his fingers in and I pulled his head into me. Eventually he got up and started rubbing his dick along my pussy and asked me if I wanted my bf’s friend to fuck me. I told him I did and he called me a cheating slut.

He entered me as we kissed and I told him to keep it down as we panted. He kept calling me a slut, a dirty cheater, which turned me on. Out hands were all over each other as he fucked me on the couch. Eventually he told me he was going to cum and I whispered in his ear to cum inside me and soon I heard him grunting and thrusting hard. He pulled out and I put my panties back on as we looked at each other and giggled and agreed that it was our secret. He left shortly after and I changed into a t shirt and climbed into bed next to my sleeping bf.

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