I caught my ex having sex in a public park and I couldn’t help myself

Years back now i was in my early 20s and a buddy of mine decided to throw a big house party. The house was 3 floors and absolutely packed I met new people as well as ran into friends and just so happens that my ex was there as well. We ended on good terms and she lived maybe a block or 2 away. We talked a bit but overall we didn’t really see eachother too much during the party.

Later the night it was really starting to wind down I was very drunk and decided ill walk it home even though it’s a long way away but I was so drunk I needed the fresh air or I’d puke if I got in a car or layed down. On my way home I had to pass by this massive park and while walking through it I realized I needed to pee so I went into the bushes and peed. But while I was peeing I heard some voices and it was definitely a woman but it didn’t sound like sex noices it was more like concerning type of sounds so I walked around and tried to figure out what was going on but it sounded like it was coming from the other side of the pond. It was hard to see anything becuase of the overgrown bushes so I walked down to the edge of the water through the bushes and there was a small over the water dock like area and we’ll hidden but there she was my ex gf COMPLETELY naked and bent over the rails with this random guy I saw a few times and even had a great conversation with from the party and he was fucking her hard. Like he was rough with her. My first thought was holy shit that’s hot not maybe I should walk away. I thought about walking away after but instead I hid myself and even started to jerk off. I got hard fast to her getting her hair pulled and the guy ramming his cock into her. It was amazing watching her be an absolute slut. She always was. And in the end I saw her finish him off woth a bj and she let him cum on her face and tits. I never even came but I saw them dressing up so I thought depending on which way they go I can pretend to bump into them. So as they left I saw them turn left so I ran further back from where I came from and waited a bit before walking again.

I bumped into them I was probably still semi hard and we just chatted a bit till the guy said well my car is that way. Which was the opposite way of where my ex was going so tbh I was a bit surprised but the guy didn’t offer her a ride or anything so I asked my ex if she wanted me to walk her home which she initially said it’s okay but caved and let me walk her. On the walk back I told her she smells of sex and more specifically cum and she’s a horrible liar so it was pretty easy for her to tell me she has cum on her chest. Which started a whole cum slut conversation and long story short we went to her moms basement and she let me fuck her too and I came in her mouth. It was such a weird night at the time and probably wouldn’t have done that sober but looking back now I regret nothing and more so I find it so hot.

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