I begged him to breed me while his wife was trying to call him

My married fwb has been out of the house too many times which caused his wife to be more suspicious by the day, it’s a bit concerning at this point but he’s still willing to take the risk when I constantly give him what he doesn’t get at home.

The other day, while his phone was buzzing non-stop showing a picture of his wife calling, I continued to keep him entertained with the use of my tight pussy whilst begging him to claim me as his little side piece by breeding me. Each time the phone rang, I moaned louder, almost like I was competing for his attention to focus on using me as he fcked me from behind.

I won against her when he grabbed me tightly by the waist and thrusted his cock deep inside of me and filled me up with his load. I thanked him for filling me up before he had to quickly return home to his wife.

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