I “accidentally” sent nudes to my husband’s friends.

My husband has a group chat with some friends. There’s 5 guys in the chat including my husband. A few days ago I was feeling extra horny and he left his phone unattended. I’ve fantasized about sending nudes in the group chat before, and this was my chance. I grabbed his phone and “accidentally” sent a picture of my ass in a thong. Almost immediately one of his friends responded “Wow, did you mean to send that?!” Pretending to be my husband I replied “No! That was an accident! Might as well enjoy it though…”

I’m sure they did because they all started chiming in to say how sexy I was. One of his friends, who was braver than the rest, admitted that he’s imagined me naked often and asked if they could see more. Just then, my husband walked back into the room and saw me with his phone. He looked at the conversation and smirked. “Go ahead,” he said, “Show them more.”

My husband has a lot of nudes of me on his phone. It was hard to choose what to send next. I chose a picture of me wearing a sheer top, then a pic of me lifting the top and showing my tits. “Fuck, she’s getting me hard.” His brave friend responded. Still pretending to text as my husband I decided to up the stakes. “Do you want to see her pussy?” I said. By now, all 4 guys were commenting on my body. It made me so wet. I sent them a picture of me laying on my back, and pulling my panties to the side to expose myself. They loved it.

I was so turned on. I wanted to keep going. I asked my husband if he could take a video of my playing with my pussy. Of course he was down. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my panties down to my ankles. Then, I laid back and began touching myself. My husband recorded it and sent the video in the chat.

My husband was hard as a rock, so I asked him to put his cock in my mouth. I sucked his dick and rubbed my pussy until I came, then I told him to fuck me. I couldn’t help but imagine all of his friends looking at the pictures/video and stroking their cocks to me. While his cock was deep inside me, I asked if we could invite his friends over to touch themselves while I masterbated in front of them. He came as soon as I asked and told me it could be arranged.

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