I (33) male has a fantasy of waking up with my roommate (48) Male having his way with me

When I first met him he would tell me how much he wanted me but I got off telling him no. Then one day I finally told him yes and he said he was just joking which frustrated me because I was kind of afraid to.

Since then he hasn’t treated me the same and I do little things to get his attention. Since then for the past few months I’ve started sleeping naked again. I put a pillow under me so my ass is in the air and as I fall asleep i fantasize about waking up to my arms and legs tied to the bed and him having his way with me. I moan hoping it gets him excited. I tell him things like don’t be scared I’ll make your dreams come true tonight Pedro. But nothing seems to work. So idk I’ve only been with one guy in my life and it was 8 years ago and over the past few weeks I have been wanting to try it again.

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