I (31M) slept with my step-mother’s {54F} sister (50F) and don’t regret it.

This is a true story that happened this week. My step mother Linda has a younger sister Julia who always flirted with me, I would playfully flirt with Julia in front Linda and my dad when he was alive just as running gag between Julia and I, my dad would always laugh it off and join in the fun but Linda will just scold Julia to treat me like her own nephew. After dad passed, Linda got depressed and Julia even though busy with her career would come and check in on her to make sure she is ok. We don’t do the flirting anymore but we tend to have deeper conversations over drinks when she stays over.

This week she decided to spend a few days because Linda’s birthday is this Saturday and we want to make a small party for her. Four nights back, after Linda went to sleep, Julia poked in to the front porch where I was drinking at the gazebo and joined in and asked me to crack one for her. We talked about our jobs, and when it came to our personal relationship, she told her last boyfriend dumped her for someone younger, I too was going through a hard time because I ended it with a girl I was into who didn’t feel the same about me.

Julia said her ex who was much older than her, dumped her over text and when she found out he was dating someone who was around my age, she was livid and felt unattractive for the longest time till she decided to say fuck it and embrace her age. I straight up said she is gorgeous and her ex is a fool to think he can ever find someone better. She just grinned and asked if she should go for a 30 year old guy now and I joked back that I am here if she wants to try it. We laughed and made some dirty jokes over one another until I got asked if I think she is attractive to which I just pointed out yes she is, she is very beautiful and she will meet a great guy. To paint a picture of Julia, she has almost the same facial features as Linda but she did a boob job and have a great ass. She has let her hair grey naturally but I think the streaks of gray does make her look hot.

I didn’t realize it but we talked well into the early mornings and she was leaning her head on my shoulder while holding my hand, asking me if I am ok. I didn’t really understand the question and asked her what she meant. She asked if I am feeling better now and I don’t know why I said it but I said something along the line her presence always makes me feel better. She elbowed me for being too much of a flirt and I just laughed before dropping my head unto her lap, that’s where it happened, she was caressing my hair and her another hand was on my chest before I took it to kiss the top of her palm.

I raised my head a bit and kissed her lips which was met back with her lips against mine just kissing me back. It felt wrong but I was intoxicated by her need for me that I forgot she was my step aunt. We decided to go back into the house, made sure Linda was still asleep before sneaking back into her room. Once I was in, she started kissing me over my chest and I removed my shirt while she removed her nightie, without asking she kneeled down, pulled down my shorts and boxers and straight up sucked my dick like she was gonna snatch my soul lol. I started to grunt while grabbing a fistful of hair while she bobbed her head down, she then sucked on my balls while she kept digging her nails into my butt. I didn’t want to cum yet so I told her to please let me repay the favor.

She gave me that grin again and asking me if I want to much her gray haired box since she haven’t shaved yet but I was too horny to listen and pushed her on the bed to eat her out, licking her inner thing, I decided to be bold first by eating her ass but used my nose to bury it near her pussy, even though her pubes tickled my nose, Julia was surprised by this turn of events but the moment she knew my nose was in her folds, she started grinding which made me easy to lick and suck on her ass which earned me a tight hair grip asking me to not stop, I let my nose be her dido, inhaling her juice while my left hand reached to her breast to massage it while my right hand was gripping her neck to keep her from wiggling too much, the moment she would start making a loud noise, I would tighten my grip on her neck which instinctively made her know she need to lower her voice.

When I decided to eat her for real, I got this idea of wanting her to sit on my face, so with some ease, I climbed to bed pulled her close to my face and asked her to sit on my face, she smiled adorably and told me I am too perverted but I didn’t care, Julia agreed though cos I always made sure I was holding her waist and lifting her near my mouth, I stuck my tongue in her, wiggled it to wherever she commanded me to while spanking her cheeks whenever she started getting loud again. The cheeky bitch would started to understand and whenever she wanted me to spank her, she would purposely moan loudly. I noticed her grinding started to be more erratic and her grip on my hair became stronger for a bit when she was cumming so I decided the best course of action is make myself into her sybian till she mounted off.

Julia removed herself after a while and just plopped herself over my chest to catch a breather but not before kissing me cos she wanted to taste herself. She then playfully said I better show her some respect because she is still elder than me, I was too horny and told she is mine tonight, to which she just kissed me and told me to be gentle with her, she enjoys rough sex but she wants some tender loving tonight. I nodded and just caressed her face and asked her permission to do so, she smiled and held my dick into her and slowly put me inside her, I turned her over and just slowly started to fuck her, letting myself pace for a slow fuck while we kissed, instead of thrusting, I just pushed myself inside her and then build a rhythm with her, feeling her contractions and then thrusting into her as much I can while wrapped her arms around my neck, by this time we were both sweating but didn’t give a fuck cos the sensation of fucking her was overwhelming.

We stopped for a bit when we heard Linda needing to use the bathroom, I decided to pull myself down a bit to suckle on her breast while she kept an eye to the door, once we felt Linda might have gone back to bed, I decided to slowly thrust inside her and she pulled me back to kiss her as we continued into the missionary position. She did tell me on which angle to stay as I kept fucking her and I enjoyed her moans especially when I whispered she is mine now, in a more dominant tone then in a more tender tone how much I need her almost like a pleading, she started some shit test saying I will tire of her and how I will definitely forget about her one day but everytime she decided to say things like that I kissed her to shut her up and increase my tempo, the bed started to creak but at this moment I didn’t give a fuck and she responded by asking me not to stop, I could feel myself cumming and told her I am close and she let me know I can finish inside her, moving my fingers down to her clit which is a bit engorged, I just tenderly circled my fingers around her clit which made her bite the pillow, she then stuck her tongue inside my ear as I feel her hips kept bucking to meet my thrust and my fingers, when I think she was almost close, I just kept the same rhythm waiting for her to just let herself go and when she did it, she yelled oh shit a few times as her body just keep clenching and unclenching.

She told me she is spent so I just thrusted now to cum and when I told her I am cumming, she wrapped her legs around my hips as I came into her, failing no nut November with no regrets. By some primal urge, I made sure when I came, I buried my dick inside her and I think she can sense my intention to and whispering for me to fill her up like I want to impregnate her, the line is hazy now but hearing that made me cum hard like I was on a mission. When the climax subsided, I gave her a kiss before resting my head on her shoulder, she was caressing my hair and just telling me I must be tired. I was but I wanted to just be in her presence as long I can , when I pulled out, she let herself leak on the bed and told me to go take a shower while she cleaned up the bed and change the sheets. I told her I would help her and why don’t we shower together but she told me it was too risky now.

Anyways, we did have a talk, she asked me if I was sure I want our arrangement to be more than that night and I asked her to decide whether she wants us to have this arrangement because I am down for it and have no regrets over what has happened. Julia said as long we are careful to not alert anyone, I can have her. We had another session when Linda went out yesterday and fucking Julia when she is allowed to be loud was a treat lol. I do pretend to be her boyfriend when we are out, people tend to stare but I don’t really mind. I made out with her in the car and she seems to be excited when she meets me. I am not sure what is the nature of our relationship now but the sex and making her feel like a girlfriend is fun, she lets me dominate her but also make sure I know my boundaries in public. Hopefully we don’t run into any complications very soon.

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