I (30f) had incredibly passionate sex with my (31m) bf and I feel both exhausted and in love.

My bf worked a bit late today and decided to take me out for nachos instead of me cooking. We went to a franchise joint, sat down, and enjoyed a nice meal together. I had a giant plate of nachos and my bf had this big spicy burger. We’re fairly certain our server was high.

The whole night my bf was such a gentleman. He held hooked my arm walking in and out, he held doors open for me, open/closed the car door for me. He treated me like a queen today and it made me feel loved, spoiled, and it made me want him.

When we got home (there was a cute possum in the driveway and I wanted to hug it lol) we got settled a bit and he gave me this long, warm hug and a soft, gentle kiss. He looked in my eyes and told me I was the most amazing, most beautiful woman he had ever met, and told me he liked my eye liner!!

I told him to take me to bed… what followed was such a raw, passionate, vocal love making. He ate me out (and made me cum), I sucked his dick and was doing that gluck gluck thing people say. He threw me on the bed and fuck me so hard doggy style. He grapped my sides, called me beautiful, and fucked me sooooo hard and good. He kept pounding and pounding and I couldn’t stop moaning and yelling. He fucked me so hard I orgasmed on his cock.

It took me a moment to catch myself but I helped him get in the bed, climbed ontop, and rode him hard. I let my big tits bounce in his face as he gripped my sides, ran his hands on my body while hecalled me beautiful, told me he loved me. I rode him so hard until he rolled me on my back and fucking pooounded me missionary. He was telling me in my ear how bad he wanted me, how he craved me, how I was the most amazing woman he ever met…

He fucked me so good until he couldn’t take it anymore and he orgasmed inside me, giving me a massive and intense creampie. I orgasmed on his cock again!

After we cleaned up, we snuggled. I shivered a bit and we just held one another, breathing, saying things to one another while his arm was wrapped around me. I honestly had an emotional orgasm from it as well. I truly feel safe and in love.

Yeah, I hope you liked this one.

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