I (27M) cheated on my gf (31F) with a (43F) hours before

I (27m) have been going to a boot camp style gym for about 3 years. You pick a time frame and head there. Since I’ve been going for a while I have made some friends to workout with that I see on a regular basis. One of which is a 43F who is single and a mother of 2! We would work out together and talk and laugh and just have a good time there with other mutual friends. One day she decides to get my number and we start texting. She added me on instagram and knew I had a gf. The texting was platonic and not everyday. After some time she confesses that she has a crush on me. The next day while working out she would say I want you to help me later on and wink or she would say I want to you to left me up instead of that barbell. I was in complete shock that she was like this but it was turning me on.

One day after work she texts me, telling me she wants to meet up because she wants to have fun. I was hesitant at first because I was going to see my gf (31f) a couple of hours after the gym friend. I ended up meeting her in a parking lot close to where we live and we were talking nervously. My heart was pounding and she goes and was upfront saying, “are you going to show me your big dick?” I was like WHAT! With my eyes all big and happy at the same time. I got hard and whipped it out. She started to stroke me and then proceeded to give me a Blowjob. I do not know what this woman did but I cummed so fast and I hardly cum to a blowjob. It was rare that it happened and I was like damn. She of courses swallowed and kept jerking me off. We made out shortly after and then she said “are you gonna give me another load?” And started sucking again. I finished again in her mouth and she swallowed again.

My gf then called me to let me know she was going to be on her way, luckily I had about an hour before she got to me. I was able to leave that parking lot go home and wash up and be ready for my gf later that night.

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