I 24F fucked my housemates cucumber then put it back in the fridge

It was my first year at university, you know how it is, built up sexual tension, meeting new people. Well on my birthday we went for a night out in town like usual. There was this boy I was seeing at the time however he went back early as he had a class early in the morning.

I ended up having a great night with friends however had no one to go back with, I was hoping for some good sex since it was my birthday lol. Anyway I get back to my shared flat, on my own feeling unbelievably horny, still in my dress at this point I sit on my bed and grab my vibrator, I open my legs, move my thong to the side and start rubbing it either side of my vagina. Within 15 seconds it dies, I know… gutting!

I’m not sure what came over me but I remember seeing my flat mates cucumber in the fridge earlier in the day, without any hesitation I quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed it out the fridge. I was too horny to get back into bed, I shut my door and sat on the floor with my back against it.

I debated getting lube but realised I was dripping wet at this point, I’d never used a dildo or anything like that before so I was intimidated by the size, I rubbed the side of my vagina then slowly inserted it in, the thickness was insane, it felt so good I pushed my head against the door behind, I then processed to fuck myself on the floor for maybe 15 minutes until I was tired, it was one of the best orgasms ever.

I got up and saw a wet patch on the floor, not that I was surprised… I then went and quickly put the cucumber back in the fridge obviously telling no one, a couple days later I noticed the cucumber was half eaten, I felt so guilty but knew I couldn’t say a word!

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  1. I, personally, would not complain. Just adding a nice flavor to the mix. I’d make a stir-fry for dinner heavily featuring cucumber and enjoy eating it, while watching you do the same, preferably with both of us knowing fully what you’d done with it.


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