I (20f) was forced to cum for his (56m) entertainment.

I’m a 5ft petite seemingly very sweet and innocent, blonde haired blue eyed do-no-wronger. And he’s a sexist, fat 56 year old scumbag who sadly has a perfect cock that I find irresistible.

The usual routine occurred with me swearing to myself I wouldn’t go to his and there were more productive uses of my time. I swore to myself I wouldn’t and even gave him the cold shoulder when he came into the pub (how I know him, I work there, he’s a regular who lives above). I certainly wasn’t going to give in today.

So on my lunch break I was on my knees in his nasty apartment floor sucking swallowing his cock, feeling guilty, aroused from the shame and then guilty for my arousal.
“As if you weren’t gonna today sweetheart.” He mocked before grabbing each of my pigtails and shooting his load in my mouth. He left me soaked and edged before I needed to go back to work. I definitely wasn’t going to go back to his afterwards no matter how horny I was…

I let myself in after my shift and he tells me to strip without looking away from the football. He’s fully dressed except his cock is hanging out and I realise he hasn’t moved since I was last here that lunchtime. I go to harden him up with my mouth, eager to climb into his lap as soon as but he shakes his head no and point at the coffee table in the middle of the room.

Mounted on it is a thick 7.5 inch jet black dildo with a suction cup fixing it to the table so that it pointed straight upwards.
“Get on that.” He said and turned up the volume of the football game that was just starting.
I did of course and slowly started to bounce up and down on it. I was in between him and the tv and he was looking over my shoulder. He stroked his cock as I tried to look as seductively as I could into his eyes. He nodded his approval.
“I don’t care how tired or sensitive you get, if you stop bouncing I’ll make you regret it.”
I nodded nervously and started to bounce for his pleasure, suddenly very hyper aware of feeling scrutinised.
“Oh almost forgot.”
He walked into the kitchen behind me and retried three things, the first was a pair of handcuffs that fastened my hands behind my back. The second was a blindfold and suddenly I was bouncing for nothing but black. The third was a pair of ear pods that he put in that quickly started playing white noise.
I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear, and could only feel the dildo inside me and the coffee table underneath me. It was like a sensory deprivation tank.
A sharp slap on my ass that obviously blindsided me completely and made me squeal set me going and I started bouncing.
I don’t know if I was silent or screaming, I don’t know if I was looking at him or elsewhere. Once in a while a hand would appear out of the darkness, totally unforeseen until I felt it grope my ass or tits, twist or pinch a nipple or rub my clit.
I think I shouted when I came the first time, nearly falling off the table. The next few were probably squeals as I was getting more and more sensitive. I went slower to try and stave off the next agonising orgasm for as long as possible but too slow earned me another spank.
A hot blast of cum was the next thing to hit me, like the hands it came out of the abyss and caught me off guard. Hitting me square in the face and open mouth, I was already close and it made tip over the edge and instinctively search the air for his cock with my mouth. Didn’t find it.
I must have cum half a dozen times over the whole football game and taken two loads of cum.
The final straw was when he took the blindfold off he wasn’t alone. Two other men were sat there, similar age to him, clearly been there for a while. One stroking his cock. I bolted up and quickly got my clothes, he didn’t say anything and let me go without a word.
When I got home he blew my phone up with vids and pics he’d taken of me riding the dildo. And funnily enough I came again while watching them.

If anyone worries I did know the two men and they know about us.

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