I (20f) suck off the married dad I babysit for (38m) after he finishes work

So me and the dad I babysit for have messed around a few times now and recently we developed a habit where everyday he comes home from work and his wife is still out, I’ll give him a slow suck blowjob wherever he wants in the house. The other day he was complaining about how stressful work is and how all he wants when he’s home is a peaceful space and a pretty face slobbering on his cock. I told him I’ll sweeten the deal for him by dressing sexy for him as well. I don’t even dress up in lingerie or anything but just slutty little outfits I have seem to get him weak.

The first time we did it he was so turned on that he was about to cum within the first 10 minutes so I had to slow down and tease his cock, kissing it and rubbing it with my hands and licking it softly to calm him down. He says the longer he takes to cum the more relaxed he feels after. When he felt like he was finally ready to cum he told me to beg for his cum while milking him all over my face. I was begging him to give me all his cum and to paint my face while stroking him and rubbing his cock against my cheek which I know he loves. Eventually he came all over me and I knelt there for another 3 minutes just giving him the softest ever licks and holding him ever so gently in my mouth until he calmed down again.

Now this happens almost daily and I can tell he’s in an evidently worse mood when it doesn’t happen.

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