I [19F] fucked 3 guys in 5 hours <3

First up, I had fantastic sex with my lovely partner \[M21\], who permitted me to sleep around. He used me just properly. <3

But after he left to go hang out with pals, I started browsing Snapchat since I was lonely and horny!

Then there was this man \[M18\] After emailing my boyfriend his photos, I met him on Snap and invited him over. Our sex was so amazingly good that I started snapping at other guys, and one of them offered to come over.

About an hour after the first guy left, the third guy \[M18\] arrived, and he was AMAZING. Perhaps because the previous one was so awful, but this one was simply AMAZING. He’s a linebacker, yet his hands were as soft as baseball gloves—it was breathtaking.

so yes! In around five hours, I slept with three males.

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