I (18F) went free-use for a weekend for my tutor’s (22M) birthday present.

Im 28 now but this was when I was about to graduate and was looking at going into the US air force and I wanted to score well but sucked math. I’d had some major issues through high school with math and so I was introduced to this gent, I’ll call him Quinn, and he became my tutor.

When I first met the guy I thought of him as a giant neck-beard likely hiding giant folders of hentai in his computer. But actually he was really sweet and very teddy-bear like who had overcome a bad porn addiction.

The thing about Quinn is that he is genuinely massive. I’m a pretty tall girl at 5’11 but he was easily 6’8 (over 2m for the metric folks) and probably around 300-350lbs.a caucasian man, he looked overweight and perhaps was, but carried it really well on that huge frame and also proved himself to be very strong. With that he had started shaving his head because he bad started losing his hair in high school and so he grew a beard. It was he’ll cared for most of the time and he pulled off a good Riker that was a nice dark brown. He wore glasses over blue eyes and had a easy, dorky smile.

We hit it off because we were both huge nerds, Disney had just bought Star Wars, Star Trek Into Darkness had just come out (sadly), Man of Steel was on the horizon, Dark Knight Rises was coming out, and the MCU was just coming out with the first Avengers. It was a good time to nerd out.

Now, he knew my reputation as being a slut. By this time I was in full, irresponsible teen slut mode and certain circles knew I was a bicycle for anyone hygienic and not an asshole. I did flirt with Quinn a bit but he saw my age and he was like “no clients” and put up those very respectful and respectable boundaries. But we still talked about sex. He was closet bisexual and was curious about my experiences and we had a lot of good talks aside from exponents and Sin/Tan. He’d had sex with a couple girls and a guy, he was scared of commitment, he was scared of crushing someone, etc.

And he had a huge foot fetish for women’s feet. Which I totally get. I have thing for female feet. He was always bummed most girls he was with were the foot haters.

By the time we were done with our lessons and he was moving for his Masters, I had decided I wanted to give something nice.

I was no longer a client and his birthday was 3 weeks before he was moving. I had a couple of other fuck buddies at the time but I didn’t give a shit. He deserved it.

I went to him and made the offer. Two full days of me. I’d do anything he wanted (within reason) and we could hangout, nerd out, and have a *really* good time.

It didn’t even take convincing like I though. He got really shy about it but ask some questions about what I would be willing to do. I told him, and he agreed.

My mother had died when I was young, my dad was a workaholic with six kids, and my siblings knew what I was. They knew the score and didn’t care when I vanished from Friday afternoon until Monday after school.

I showed up at Owen’s apartment with a bag and my nail polish set.

He made two rules: 1. I would honest about boundaries. 2. I wouldn’t wear anything covering my legs and feet.

I gladly agreed to his terms and stripped off my shoes, pants, and panties right there. Owen was pretty shocked when I handed him my panties but he was more than ok with it.

We stood there a moment all awkward then he was like “Want to have like, test sex and see how we like it?” Verbatim quote, I swear. And we did. We went to his bedroom and stripped. Naked he looked even bigger than normal and I was genuinely like “will he crush me to death?” But his cock! It looked small on him, to be honest, but it was still like 7 or 8 inches and girthy as fuck! Like I couldn’t get my hand around it and I’m big for a girl! I could barely suck the thing at first and my jaw was sore as fuck by Monday.

He was gentle but I coaxed the animal out and he gave my pussy the good stuff. I wasn’t ovulating so I let him cum inside me. Like I said, he had overcome a porn addiction so he didn’t masturbate a ton, thus his loads were like a horse. He’s in my top 3 biggest cummers and I’m a self proclaimed cumslut!

After that I was there for his free use. I went domestic and cooked him dinner and such, wearing on T shirts. Later in the evening is when he got into the feet.

He made me sit on his couch and he licked literally every inch of my legs and feet, from my pussy downward. It was awesome! He sucked my toes and wanted to cum on them but he wanted to paint my nails first. He did so ever so gently while we watched Stargate and then I sucked him off until he was ready to cum on my feet. We took pictures of my cum covered feet and he said he’d masturbate to it forever.

When he would fuck me after that he liked to do it so my legs were against his chest and my feet in his face. He’d be railing me and just sucking on them, which I loved.

We could quite get anal to work with his girth but he fingered my ass a lot while fucking, which I enjoyed. He used me a lot. Not always for sex because he could only get it up so many times a day, but he loved touching and licking me and giving me orgasms.

At the end of the weekend he was ejaculating dust and I could barely walk. I’d fuck Quinn again in a heart beat. He’ll, knowing what I know now, 12 years later, I would marry that man!

But I recently saw on social media that he’s married and has kids and I’m really happy for him. His wife looks like she’s maybe part native American, and her feet have been present, subtly, I’m several pictures, including with him gently touching them. So I know the score.

Good for you Quinn! Thank you for the awesome weekend and the math tutoring!

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