Husband’s Submission- Chapter 3 by Sadistic_Dominant

Monica Lewis moaned as her husband, Bill, drove his tongue deep into her cunt. The second he had gotten home from work, she had made him lay on the ground and she straddled his face. “How does Ricardo’s jizz taste, bitch”, she said as she ground her pussy against Bill’s face.

Bill could only moan in response as he ate his second load of man cum today. He was really beginning to develop a taste for it, especially since it was coming from his wife’s pussy. Most men would freak out if they found out their wife was cheating on them, but Bill was different.

He loved knowing that his wife was being fucked by other men, her needs being taken care of in ways he never could. In fact, as he swallowed the salty, savory mixture of cum and his wife’s pussy juice, Bill felt his dick straining to get free from his pants. His election threatened to tear the thong that Monica had made him wear to work that day, which she had worn the day before.

It has definitely made the day interesting, wearing his wife’s used panties. They had been uncomfortably tight, making him constantly have to adjust them, but it had also turned him on like crazy. The thought that anyone could discover what he was wearing, and that they would humiliate him for it, was an aphrodisiac like none other.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum”, Monica cried out as her husband’s tongue flicked across her g-spot. She clenched her knees on either side of his head, keeping him in place, although he had no intention of moving. Her pussy began to spasm and convulsed as her juices erupted from her fuckhole, threatening to drown Billl in their sticky, sweet goodness.

Bill happily lapped up his wife’s nectar as it flowed from her slit. “Goddamn, you’ve gotten so much better at eating me, bitch”, Monica said as her orgasm ended and she climbed off of her husband’s face. She got onto the sofa and put her feet out. “Now, give me a foot massage and tell me how your day at work was. Did you enjoy wearing my panties?”

“Yes mistress”, Bill said as he knelt at his wife’s feet and began massaging them. “I loved feeling your dirty panties restraining my cock.” “I’m glad to hear that”, Monica said. “I’ll make sure you have some to wear every day. Now tell me, did anything interesting happen at work today?”

“As a matter of fact, it did”, Bill said. “John made me follow him into the bathroom and then he made me suck his dick.” Monica sat forward, clearly excited to hear this. “Really? And did you suck him good, like the little bitch you are?” “Yes, mistress. I sucked him until he fed me a load of his delicious cum”, Bill said, remembering the feeling of John’s huge, thick, black dick in his mouth.

“Good bitch. I hope he enjoyed himself”, Monica said. “I believe he did”, Bill said. “And he told me to tell you to be ready when he got here tonight.” “What”, Monica said, looking sharply at her husband. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” “I’m sorry, mistress. I was busy eating your pussy”, Bill said, looking down at the floor.

“That’s no excuse. You need to tell me important things right away”, Monica said. She stood and headed toward the bathroom, determined to take a quick shower before John showed up.

While she was in the bathroom, Bill started straightening up the house. He used the mop to clean up the excess pussy juice that had gotten on the floor. Just as he was finishing up, he heard a knock at the door. He opened it and found John standing there, looking unhappy.

“When I show up at the door, you will answer on your knees, bitch”, John said and Bill quickly assumed the position. “That’s better”, John said. “After you open the door, you will kiss my feet and then ask how you may serve me.” Bill knelt forward and kissed his once best friend’s feet, very aware that any of his neighbors could see him in such a submissive position. “How may I serve you, master”, Bill asked as he returned to a kneeling position.

“Where’s your wife”, John asked as he walked past Bill and into the house. “She’s in the shower, getting ready for you”, Bill said as he crawled after John and knelt at his feet. “Good. You get some food ready for us”, John said as he started walking toward the bathroom.

Bill obeyed and headed into the kitchen. John got to the bathroom and opened the door, steam from the shower escaping as he did so. He quickly stripped down and then pulled back the shower curtain, eliciting a yelp of surprise from Monica. “Damn, you’re a sexy woman”, Bill said as he hungrily looked up and down Monica’s naked, wet body.

“You’re pretty sexy yourself”, Monica replied as her eyes moved down John’s body. She took in his muscular torso, his defined abs, all leading down to a thick, meaty cock that was hardening as he looked at her. “Are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to join me”, Monica teased as she turned around, wiggling her ass invitingly.

“What do you think”, John said as he got into the shower, his eyes never leaving Monica. She squatted down in front of him and began licking his thick shaft, then stroking it as she sucked on the head. “Fuck, I’ve been looking forward to this mouth all day”, John said with a moan as Monica feasted on his dick.

“Really”, Monica said as she looked up at him, still stroking his shaft. “Even when you were fucking my husband’s face”, she asked with a giggle. “He’s good, but nowhere near as good as you”, John said, grabbing a handful of her wet hair. “Now, get that mouth back on there.”

Monica moaned as he shoved his dick down her throat, loving him treating her so roughly. There was something about being used, treated like a common slut, that turned her on like crazy. And, as she felt him ram his large cock down her throat over and over again, she felt her pussy beginning to spasm, her orgasm imminent.

When he finally released her head, so she could catch her breath, Monica looked up at him. “Fuck me”, she said, her eyes blazing with desire. “Gladly”, John said and Monica quickly stood up, placing her hands on the wall, her ass facing John. He grabbed her ass and spread her firm cheeks, then rubbed his cock up and down her soaking wet slit.

Monica cried out in pleasure as he buried his entire length inside her in one thrust, her pussy exploding in orgasm as he filled her up. As her cunt spasmed and convulsed, she looked down at his cock pumping in and out of her fuckhole. The sight of his chocolate dick slamming into her pink pussy was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

John groaned as he rammed his thick cock into Monica’s cunt. He’d dreamed of fucking her for years, but had held back out of respect for his friendship with Bill. But now Bill served both John and Monica, and John was going to fuck his best friend’s wife for a good long time.

Monica moaned in pleasure as John’s strong hands moved up her body to her perky tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. “You keep that up and I’m going to cum again”, she moaned as she leaned back and kissed John. “Good, that’s the idea”, John said as he thrust his dick deep inside her cunt.

He hammered her pussy fast and hard, his hands never leaving her breasts. Monica’s moans grew louder, echoing off of the bathroom walls, her pussy about to explode. Suddenly, she felt John’s dick twitch as he began to orgasm, his cum shooting inside her womb. She could feel his warm, virile seed painting the insides of her cunt and it pushed her over the edge.

Her pussy exploded in pleasure, juices erupting from her gash and squirtint out around the cock that was buried inside her. “Fuckkkk”, Monica moaned as she rode the wave of endorphins. When both of their orgasms finally ended, Monica pulled herself off of John’s dick and dropped down, taking his dick in her mouth. She loved tasting her pussy on a man’s dick and she never wasted a chance to do so.

After she licked him clean, she stood up and kissed him, slowly stroking his cock. “You’re still so hard”, she said and he nodded. “I’ve always been able to recover quickly, so I can go another round”, John said. “Good”, Monica said, “Because I want you to do something.”


Bill finished cooking dinner, just as Monica and John entered the kitchen, both of them naked. He saw Monica sit down, a strange look on her face, as John walked over to him. “On your knees, bitch”, John said and Bill quickly dropped down in front of the man. John’s long, thick cock was fully erect and mere inches from Bill’s face. “Suck it”, John said and Bill eagerly took his best friend’s dick in his mouth for the second time that day.

He could taste the faint flavor of his wife’s pussy and that turned him on. He could already imagine eating John’s cum from his wife’s cunt and his dick quickly got hard, creating a tent in his pants. “Make sure you get it nice and wet, bitch. You’re going to want it as lubed as possible”, John said and Bill looked up at him questioningly, even as he continued to lick and suck on the shaft in his mouth.

After a few minutes, John pulled his cock from Bill’s mouth, leaving Bill slightly disappointed. “Now, crawl over there and eat your wife’s pussy”, John said and Bill obeyed quickly. As he buried his face in Monica’s cunt, already tasting John’s seed, he could feel her grab his hair. She shoved his face into her pussy, using her legs to hold his head, as if she were trying to trap him there. Moments later, he understood why.

He felt his pants being pulled down, then John’s hands slapping and squeezing his ass. “Damn, I’m going to love this”, he heard John say, as he felt John spread his ass cheeks and then felt John’s dickhead rubbing against his asshole. His eyes got wide and he stopped licking his wife’s pussy as he realized that he about to have his ass fucked by his best friend.

“Keep eating me, bitch”, Monica said, slapping the back of Bill’s head. “I’ve been wanting to see you get your ass fucked for a long time and you will eat me while I watch.” Bill knew that he couldn’t stop what was about to happen, so he decided to just try to enjoy it. He drove his tongue back into his wife’s pussy, just as he felt John enter his anus.

The pain that shot through him was immeasurable, more than anything he had ever felt before. It took everything Bill had not to fight and scream as John’s dick invaded more and more of his asshole. “Fuck, this bitch has a tight ass”, John moaned as he drove more and more of his dick deep inside of Bill.

Monica moaned as her husband’s tongue flicked over her g-spot. The sight of him getting fucked in the ass while he ate her out was the sexiest thing ever. Knowing that Bill had no choice over what was happening to him, that she could make him do whatever she wanted, was intoxicating.

As John finally buried his entire length inside Bill, he pulled back and started thrusting in and out. With each forward thrust, Bill’s face was driven into Monica’s pussy. The feeling was amazing and Monica quickly orgasmed, squirting pussy juice all over her husband’s face.

She watched John’s face as he rammed his dick into her husband’s ass, over and over again. She could see the pleasure building in his eyes, his thrusts becoming harder as he neared his own orgasm. Then, as he grunted loudly, John unloaded his seed deep in Bill’s ass.

Bill moaned as he felt John’s hot, sticky cum flood his asshole. It was an amazing feeling, knowing he had pleased someone so much that they orgasmed. And, as John filled up his ass with cum, Bill’s dick spurted his own cum all over the floor.

After John finished cumming, he pulled out of Bill’s ass, grabbed his hair and yanked his head away from Monica’s pussy. He shoved his dick down Bill’s throat, letting the man taste his own ass. Bill moaned and happily sucked on the cock that had just destroyed his anus.

Monica watched, feeling happier than she had in a long time. She was happy and, judging from the puddle of cum underneath him, Bill was happy. She was glad that she had discovered this side of him and knew that they would have a lot of fun doing this for a long time to come.

The End.

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