Husband’s Submission- Chapter 2 by Sadistic_Dominant

Monica Lewis awoke early, feeling very refreshed. After John had left last night, she had made Bill continue eating her pussy for the next hour. Afterwards, she’d felt incredible and Bill had looked ecstatic, his face soaked in her juices. She had felt a little sorry when she saw his raging boner and had allowed him to jack off, but she’d made him lick it up afterwards.

And now as stretched and came fully awake, she could feel his tongue licking up and down her slit. “Good little bitch”, she told him as she stroked his head. Bill loved the praise, almost as much as he loved her being dominant and degrading him. She’d told him last night that she expected to wake up with him eating her pussy every morning from now on and he was only too happy to oblige.

As Bill’s tongue slipped into her wet hole and ran over her g-spot, Monica moaned loudly. She began grinding her cunt against her husband’s face, her orgasm imminent. Within moment, it exploded from within her, juices flowing from her gash into her slave’s mouth.

“Fuck”, Monica moaned as she pulled his hair, as if she were trying to shove his face into her cunt. She rubbed her cunt up and down his face until her orgasm ended. As the high started to fade, she pulled him away and kissed him. Monica loved the taste of her own pussy and moaned as she tasted it on her husband’s tongue.

After she finished, she patted his head. “Good bitch. Now, go down and fix my breakfast. I have to get ready for Ricardo.” Bill hurried out of bed and headed toward the kitchen. Monica watched him leave, part of her still unable to believe how good her life had become.

Her husband was a submissive bitch who loved serving her and watching her get fucked by other men. Last night she had fucked his best friend and today she was going to fuck her personal trainer. As she walked to the bathroom, she thought about Ricardo.

He had a lean, muscular body, which she loved feeling pressed against her as he helped her stretch. And, from the boner she felt when he helped her with various yoga poses, she knew he wanted to fuck her as well. “And why not”, Monica said as she looked at herself in the mirror.

She was in amazing shape, her body fit and trim. Her B cup tits were still perky, defying gravity and refusing to say. Her stomach was still flat and her ass was firm, but round. All in all, she was a very attractive woman. And, now that she could do whatever she wanted, she intended to use her sexiness to the full extent of its power.

She took a quick shower, making sure she smelled amazing. As she was drying off, she realized that hair was starting to grow on her pussy. “I need to get waxed again”, she said, making a mental note to get that done this afternoon. “I don’t think Ricardo will mind a little hair”, she said to herself as she walked to her room.

She found her sheerest yoga pants, a light shade of black. She slipped them on and then checked herself out in the mirror on her door. Sure enough, without the panties she normally wore, her pussy was extremely visible, especially when she bent over. “Good”, she said as she went back to her dresser. “I want to make him lose control.”

She reached into the drawer where she kept her bras and pulled out a sports bra she liked to wear when training. It was white and tender to be see through when she started sweating. “He’s definitely going to get a good show”, Monica said as she put the bra on.

Satisfied that she looked tempting enough to seduce Ricardo, she headed downstairs. Bill had just finished making breakfast and was cleaning up. “It smells delicious”, Monica said as she sat down to eat. After Bill finished washing the dishes, he sat down to eat as well.


An hour later, Bill left for work. Under his business suit, he was wearing a dirty pair of Monica’s panties. “To remind you whose bitch you are, all day long”, she said when he gave her a quizzical look. After he left, she went to her workout room and waited for Ricardo.

She didn’t have to wait long, as Ricardo showed up exactly fifteen minutes after Bill left. “Looking good today, Monica”, Ricardo said as he hugged her in greeting. “Thank you”, Monica said, making sure she pressed her tits against his defined chest. Ricardo wasn’t sure why she was being so affectionate, when normally the hug was over quickly, but he definitely wasn’t complaining.

When he finally pulled away, he looked down at Monica. “Shall we get started”, he said and Monica nodded. As she stretched, Ricardo could swear he saw the outline of her pussy lips through her leggings, but he quickly dismissed the idea. Monica was a faithful wife who had never given him any indication that she wanted him. But he was definitely enjoying the view.

As Ricardo bent her in half, helping her to get as limber as possible, Monica smiled when she felt his erection pressing against the groin of her leggings. “Are you excited to see me”, she teased, giggling as his cheeks turned red. “I’m apologize, senora”, Ricardo said, standing and moving away.

“Don’t apologize”, Monica said. “I’m flattered. It’s nice to know that someone appreciates the work I put in to look good.” As she spoke, Monica stood and then bent over, presumably to touch her toes. But this pushed her ass out toward Ricardo, who couldn’t tear his eyes away.

Monica looked through her legs and caught him staring. Ricardo quickly looked away, his face once again flushed with embarrassment. Monica stood up straight and walked over to him. As she stood before him, she grabbed the tent he was making in his shorts. “What are you doing, senora”, he asked, shocked by her behavior.

“You obviously want me”, Monica said. “And, I have to admit, I want you too. I have for some time”, she said as she rubbed the front of his pants. “What about your husband”, Ricardo asked, although he couldn’t stifle a moan. “My husband and I have an understanding”, Monica said. “Now, why don’t I help you with this?”

As she finished speaking, Monica slid down into a kneeling position. This posture was still a little strange to her, but it was becoming more and more normal these days. She hooked her fingers into the hem of his shorts and pulled them down, his cock springing free and nearly hitting her in the face.

Monica moaned when she saw his dick. It was eight inches long and as thick as three of her fingers, her hand barely closing around the shaft as she grasped it. “Fuck”, Ricardo moaned as she flicked her tongue over his dickhead. “Are you sure you want to do this, Senora”, he asked, looking down at her. “Do you want me to stop”, Monica asked, her voice sultry and her eyes ablaze with lust.

He merely shook his head, loving the feeling of his cock in her grasp. “Then shut up and enjoy it”, Monica moaned and she took his dick down her throat. Ricardo moaned loudly as Monica bobbed her head back and forth on his thick, briny shaft. As she took his dick all the way down her throat, Monica hummed, sending vibrations of pleasure through his body.

Ricardo couldn’t believe how today was going. He’d fucked many of his female customers, but never Monica. He’d wanted to for a long time and now she was on her knees. He decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer and grabbed her by her hair.

Monica yelped as he pulled her to her feet, moaning as she enjoyed him handling her so roughly. He led her to one of the exercise bars mounted on the wall and told her to put her hands on it. “Yes sir”, Monica moaned, her pussy dripping.

Ricardo grabbed her leggings and pulled them down, exposing her soaking wet cunt. He rubbed his dick against her slit, eliciting a mewling noise from her. “You are very sexy, senora”, he said as he thrust into her depths. Monica cried out in pleasure as his dick rammed into her cunt, her juices flowing from her twat.

Ricardo held her hips as he pounded the pussy he’d wanted for so long. Monica’s juicy cunt leaked all over his shaft as he hammered into her over and over again. The room filled with moans and the smell of sex as Monica was fucked hard by her trainer.

His hands moved up her body, lifting her bra and exposing her tits. He pinched her nipples and squeezed her firm tit flesh as he thrust hard inside her. Monica cried out in pain as he tweaked her nipples, her pussy gushing as an orgasm exploded from inside her.

“Fuck, senora, I’m going to flood your pussy with my seed”, Ricardo moaned as he rammed his dick deep inside her again and again. “Fill me up. Pump your cum deep into my slutty cunt”, Monica groaned.

Within moments, she felt Ricardo go deeper than before, his cock hitting her cervix. Then she felt his cock twitch inside her as his cum spurted out. She moaned as she felt the warm, sticky substance flooding her womb. “Fuck, that’s amazing”, she groaned, already imagining making her husband eat her out as soon as he got home.


Bill sat in his cubicle, unable to concentrate on his work as he adjusted his underwear for what felt like the fiftieth time today. Monica had made him wear one of her thongs, which was several sizes too small, and it was riding up his ass like crazy.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up to see John standing behind him. “What’s up”, Bill said, but he saw a strange look in John’s eyes. “Come with me”, John said, a firm, commanding tone in his voice. John’s attitude was surprising, but what was even more surprising was that Bill found himself obeying without question.

He followed John, John leading him to the men’s restroom. “What’s going on”, Bill asked, gulping as he saw John lock the bathroom door. “I don’t feel like waiting until tonight to have my balls drained by your slut wife”, John said. As he spoke, he grabbed Bill’s shoulder and pushed him down to his knees.

Within seconds, John had his dick out of his pants, the thick, veiny shaft standing rigid directly in front of Bill’s face. “Now, suck it, you little bitch”, John said and Bill obediently opened his mouth. John grabbed him by the back of the head and slid his dick into Bill’s mouth.

This was only the second dick Bill had ever sucked, but he was developing a taste for it. Especially because he knew it pleased his friend. He could tell by the moans coming from John’s mouth as he slid his head back and forth on John’s dick, running his tongue over the shaft.

“Fuck, you’re nearly as good as your wife”, John moaned as he pushed forward, his dick entering Bill’s throat. Bill began gagging, but he did his best to stay relaxed as his friend-turned-bull fucked his throat. John’s heavy balls slapped Bill’s chin as he rammed his dick down Bill’s throat repeatedly.

It didn’t take long before John felt his orgasm rising. “You make sure to swallow all of my cum, bitch”, John ordered and Bill nodded. John pulled his dick back until just the head was in Bill’s mouth and he orgasmed. His cum exploded from his dick, painting Bill’s mouth with his seed.

Bill had to swallow twice in order to not lose any of the seed and he moaned, loving how good it felt to be so submissive. How he had never realized it, he didn’t know. But, thanks to Monica, he was embracing his submissive side. And it was paying off, at least in cum.

“Good bitch”, John said as he wiped his dick on Bill’s face before putting it away. “You tell your wife to be ready for me tonight.” “Yes sir”, Bill said as John left the restroom.

To be continued…

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