Husband’s Submission- Chapter 1 by Sadistic_Dominant

(This is a spinoff from Mother’s Submission. It takes place directly after Chapter 9.)

Monica Lewis couldn’t believe how the day had turned out. She’d run into Alex Morgan at the farmer’s market and had gone together to cheer up his mother, Alicia. Monica had been Alicia’s best friend since high school and they were very close. They had no secrets and did everything together, including becoming submissive sluts to Alex.

Everything had been going wonderfully, Alex fucking her hard, when her husband, Bill, had discovered the duo. However, instead of being furious or leaving her, it turned out that Bill had been turned on to discover his wife’s infidelity.

Alex had helped Monica discover that Bill was a submissive little bitch and her mind began to run wild with new possibilities. And now, as she sat on the sofa in her living room, she had already begun to act on her ideas.

As soon as she and Bill had gotten home, she’d turned to her husband. “Today has definitely been illuminating, especially learning your secret.” Bill simply nodded, his face flushed with shame. “Well, things are going to change around here. From now on, you will wait on me hand and foot. And you will refer to me as mistress”, Monica said, a devious smile on her face.

“Yes mistress”, Bill said, looking down at the floor. Although it was humiliating, he was turned on by his wife treating him like that. “Good bitch. You will also serve any sexual partners I have, however they choose.” “Yes mistress”, Bill repeated, his dick becoming hard at the thought.

He could just imagine his wife being fucked by other men, men whose dicks put his to shame. He imagined the taste of their cum in his wife’s cunt, him on his knees licking it out. And he imagined sucking their cocks, all the while being forbidden to touch his own.

“I see you’re getting excited at the thought of your new life”, Monica said. “That’s good. Because I am hungry. Fix my dinner, bitch. And, while you’re at it, call your friend John. I’ve always found him sexy and I’m sure he’d love to get the chance to fuck me.”

Bill hurried to the kitchen, dialing John’s number on his cell phone. John had been his best friend for years, always being there for him. But, from comments John had made, Bill knew that he had always wanted to bang Monica. And now he would get that chance.


Monica could hardly contain herself as she showered, cleaning herself up from being with Alex earlier. The freedom she now had in her marriage were endless and she intended to take full advantage of it. As she toweled off, she looked at her body in the mirror.

She wasn’t as young as she used to be, but, thanks to her husband’s large income, she could afford to still look gorgeous. Her tits stayed perky, thanks to a wonderful plastic surgeon. And her hips and ass stayed in amazing shape, courtesy of Ricardo, her personal trainer.

“Mmm, Ricardo”, she said as she thought about her trainer. There were many times she had thought about fucking him, but she hasn’t wanted to be unfaithful. Now though, she was free from that guilt and she couldn’t wait for tomorrow’s session.

Tonight was all about John, though. He was a work friend of Bill’s and he was fine as hell. His dark chocolate skin, his brooding eyes, his thick lip, his muscular torso, all of it made Monica’s pussy soak. She couldn’t wait to feel him fucking her, his strong arms holding her down.

As she imagined his dick sliding into her cunt, Monica found her fingers moving toward her pussy. She quickly found her clit and began to rub it in circles while she fantasized. “Mmm, fuck”, she moaned, slipping two fingers inside her pussy.

She felt her orgasm rising as she fingered herself, her excitement building and building. Within moments, she felt her pussy explode, her body flooded with endorphins as her orgasm tore through her. “Fuck”, she cried out as juices erupted from her cunt, all over the cabinet she was leaning against. “Damn, I can’t wait for tonight”, she said as she finished and headed toward her bedroom.


Bill opened the door when he heard the knock, greeting John with a laugh. “How are you doing”, Bill asked. “Good, good”, John said. “That’s good to hear”, Bill said, then both men turned as Monica entered the room. “Hey John”, she said as she came up and hugged her husband’s best friend.

Bill couldn’t believe what his wife was wearing, although he shouldn’t have been surprised. She had on a black miniskirt that barely covered her ass and a white blouse that strained against her perky B cup titties. It was obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, from the way her nipples threatened to tear through the fabric. And, when she threw her arms around John’s shoulders, Bill saw that she wasn’t wearing panties either. Finishing the outfit was the fact that her hair was in a ponytail, which everyone said made her look ten years younger.

As Monica pulled away from the hug, John looked her up and down. “Damn, you look good”, he said and Monica giggled. “Thank you. I dressed up for you”, she said, smiling and rubbing his muscular forearm. “Oh, and why is that”, John asked, his eyes moving from Monica to Bill. “Oh, you’ll see”, she said as she turned and walked toward the dining room. She made sure to bounce a little as she walked so John could have a clear view of her ass under her skirt.

John did see and he couldn’t help but stare. “Damn man, if that were my woman, I wouldn’t let her dress like that”, he said to Bill. “Monica can do what she wants. I just want to make her happy”, Bill said as he headed toward the kitchen. “Why don’t you have a seat at the table. Dinner should be ready soon.”

John nodded and headed into the dining room and took a seat, directly across from Monica. “So, John, do you have a girlfriend”, Monica asked, although she knew full well that he didn’t. “Nope, I sure don’t. I haven’t found the right woman yet”, he said, his eyes locked onto her chest. “That’s good to hear”, Monica said and giggled. “Why is that good”, John asked, surprised by her attitude. In all the years he’d known John, he’d never seen Monica flirt before.

“Because, now I can do this”, she said and she slipped out of her seat. She crawled under the table until she was kneeling in front of John. He gasped when he felt her hands grabbing his pants, undoing the button and unzipping his zipper. “What are you doing”, he asked, shocked by her behavior. “Your husband, my best friend, is in the other room.”

“I know”, Monica said as she grasped the treasure she sought, pulling it from his pants. She gasped and licked her lips as she got her first look at John’s dick. It had to be ten inches long and three inches thick. “But Bill doesn’t satisfy me. I need more”, she said and she took the head of his dick in her mouth.

She began stroking John’s shaft as she sucked on the head like a lollipop. John moaned, knowing he should stop her, but it felt so fucking good. He’d always loved fucking white bitches and he’d lusted after Monica for years. He’d never pursued her, because she was his friend’s wife. But now, as she ran her tongue up and down his rock hard, thick shaft, he worried less and less about Bill.

Monica smiled as she heard a moan escape John’s lips, knowing that she was bringing him pleasure. She relaxed her throat and then lowered her mouth on his dick, taking it down her throat. “Oh fuck”, John groaned as he felt her throat massaging his cock. Very few bitches could deep throat him, yet Monica did it like it was nothing.

“Damn, I’m gonna nut in that mouth so hard”, John said and Monica moaned on his shaft, pushing him over the edge. As his cum began to spurt into her mouth, she held his dickhead between her lips. He filled her mouth, forcing her to swallow, and yet he wasn’t done. His cum splashed against the roof of her mouth and pooled on her tongue.

As she pulled her head back, she showed him the mouthful of his seed. “Fuck”, he said, watching as Monica swallowed. Then she crawled out from under the table and sat on the table, directly in front of him. She spread her legs, her pussy clearly visible under her skirt. “Fuck me”, she said eagerly and John stood up, his rock hard dick sticking straight out.

Just then, Bill came into the room, carrying three drinks. John stopped when he saw his best friend, but Monica just laughed. “Bitch, don’t bother us until after John fills my cunt with his cum.” “Yes mistress”, Bill said and left the room immediately.

“What the fuck”, John said, but Monica just shook her head. “Quit worrying about him and just fuck me”, she said, pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it on the floor, exposing her perky tits. John moaned and took one of her breasts into his mouth, suckling for a moment before standing back up.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her to the edge of the table, rubbing his schlong against her twat. “Damn, I love white pussy”, John said as he thrust his dick into her cunt. Monica cried out as her pussy was stuffed full of black cock, an orgasm rushing through her. Her juices erupted out around John’s dick as he rammed it into her depths repeatedly.

“Fuck, your cock feels so good”, Monica moaned. “So much better than my husband”, she said, knowing that Bill was on the other side of the door, listening. “I’m glad to hear that. But now it’s time for me to really work this pussy”, John said. He pulled out of Monica and flipped her over, her tits pressing against the table.

Then he rammed his dick into her from behind, causing her to scream out. “Fuck yes, squeeze my big black dick with your white cunt”, he growled as he slapped her ass, leaving a large handprint. Monica yelped when his hand made contact with her ass cheek, loving the sting of pain. “Fuck me hard, like a slut should be fucked”, she moaned, feeling another orgasm rising.

John pounded Monica’s tight, wet cunt hard and fast, reveling in finally being inside this bitch. And he was going to breed her too. He knew it and Monica knew it. Monica even looked forward to it, her pussy beginning to convulse already. It didn’t take much more to push her over the edge.

Her cunt spasmed and contracted on John’s dick as her juices flowed freely. Monica’s spasming cunt was the final straw for John and he held her hips as he thrust hard, pushing into her cervix. Then he exploded, pumping his seed deep inside the white slut. “Fuck yes, bitch, take my jizz”, he growled as he filled her pussy.

Once John finished and pulled out of Monica’s pussy, she called for Bill. John watched as Monica made her husband clean her cunt with his tongue, eating all of John’s seed from within his wife. “Damn, that’s sexy”, John said as Monica pulled him close and kissed him deeply. “I know”, she said with a smile. “I’m going to have so much fun with you. And Bill will serve us hand and foot.”

To be continued…

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