How to end a night out.

This happened quite some time ago in our mid 20s, so some details are murky but others are quite bold in my mind. (Names changed of course)

It had been a usual night out for myself and friend group at the local metal club and dive bars. None of us had got lucky. In the taxi back Helen was saying how she was annoyed she hadn’t got laid and went in to details how she was horny, myself and Joe found this quite funny and asked her lots of sexual questions which she answered getting increasingly worked up, Stacy was calling us mean boys from the front seat.
We all returned to Stacy’s house, not an unusual thing for us to finish a night out at each others homes for further drinking. Joe had left so I was with the girls, Stacy confessed that she had creamed her knickers on the drive. We all laughed and it turned sexual again. Helen had told us earlier that she has a piss kink, which I share, she was getting herself worked up holding in her piss until she was ready to burst. When Stacy went to get more drink Helen asked if i was serious about my piss kink when I agreed she told me to follow her upstairs. I was quite hard as i followed her upstairs. She sat on the edge of the bath with her knickers round her ankles and started to piss, I told her I couldnt see anything so she should stand up. She stood in the bath and then let go proper with a huge stream from her shaved pierced pussy. I was rubbing my dick yhrough my jeans. Stacy then came upstairs and called us both perverts but with a smile on her face.
Helen shook herself clean and stepped out of the bath a lovely puddle still flowing dwon the drain. I was bulging in my jeans, Stacy then asked to see my dick (which was common for her as i have a PA and she loved to see it though never when i was this hard before) i pulled it out stood there at full mast in front of them both. How the horn raised. Stacy pushed her hand down her jeans and then walked to her bedroom. We both followed my dick swaying as I walked. Nothing else neeeded to be said.
Stacy opened her bedside table and pulled a few toys out then stripped off. Helen grabbed a rabbit and I stripped as fast as I could an knelt on the bed. Stacy who was a bit of dominant woman then directed me to watch as she spread and rubbed her pussy it was already glistening, Helen sat at the end and had aready started with her rabbit. Stacy then fucked her self with a rather large pink/black dildo. It was a bit bigger than my dick and had some girth on it. I started to wank and helen shifted forward abit so she was closer. It was a awesome sight and I was jerking away. The noises from both girls alwas driving me crazy, Sadly I only lasted a few minutes before I was about to cum, I asked the girls where I should cum, Helen didnt say anything and continued to work her pussy but opened her legs further, Stacy told me to cum on her stomach so I lent foward and shot my load on her stomach with drops going on to her thigh an bedding. Stacy then smashed herslef an had a shaking orgasm (her pussy was left with slight gape). Helen worked herself but didnt cum, stacy wiped herself, I said that it was waste to wipe it up but both girls just laughed.
We all relaxed a little and had more drinks laying on the bed. Helen had striped off and joined me and Stacy being nude, Id kept my PA in and Helen was showing off her piercings obviously we kept to sex and how our piercings help. I kept a semi though most of the talk staring at helens pussy swollen and its numerous piercings, she had a hood piercing and 3 labia piercings. Her pussy was neat with little pink lips. We continued to talk and hands began to touch ourselves I was jerking slowly as were the girls. I remember quite fondly how the girls talked of anal and Stacy stated how she prefers anal especially after drinking this got me really keen and I wanked faster as she described it in detail. At some point not long aftwr Stacy pulled a far sized plug from her draw and teased with it asking if we wanted to see it I nodded eagerly as Helen said “oh god” Stacy then lay on her back with her legs in the air and the plug pretty much slipped in, Helen giggled at this and said “jesus stacy it didn’t even touch the sides” Stacy laughed and began to pull it out before working it in and out a little. Helen declared she wanted a go and grabbed another from stacys draw. This was a smaller black rubber type. I was then treated to watching Helen inserting it in her asshole then a show of both girls looking at each other and showing me.
I was jerking away and Helen became to slip some fingers in herself.
Stacy was in still toying her asshole with the plug then declared she wanted a fuck and got out some lube. I took my piercing out and asked if she had any condoms, there was none an Stacy asked if that changes things I said no and that I thought shed want them. I must admit the thought I was about to have my first threesome had me very close to cumming. Stacy then passed me the lube and pulled the plug out leaving her ass with a little gape I didnt need further encouragement and lined up on her hole. Helen moved to our side “to see better” as I pushed myself into Stacy. It felt good but also wrong that here I was fucking my friend in her ass while she was on her back and my other friend was next to me working herself over.
The girls shared some kisses and played with each others tits. But mostly I was fucking my friends ass while Helen watched and played with herself. As I got close to cumming I asked Helen if she wanted a fuck but she shook head and told me to carry on. I cant of fucked for long 15-20 minutes, I pulled out and cummed on Stacys pussy and mound then pushed myself back in to her ass to help her over the edge of her orgasm. I slipped out of her ass after the was pleased with the performance.
Helen still hadnt cum despite her being yhe reason the horn had raised so far and two sessions of toying, with encouragement from us both she smashed herself hard and fast and finally came, I remember a lovely drip of grool on her pussy lips.
After cleaning up we all got in bed and slept until the early afternoon while spooning each other.

I wont bore you with more words, but in the evening we repeated the night in the lounge after spending the day hanging around naked. The summer was quite interesting between masturbation party’s and fucking, though i never fucked Helen but we did more piss stuff together.

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