How she made me her bull – part one (spanking, hotwife)

I had recently started chatting online with a childhood friend of mine that I had previously lost touch with for about two years. She was in a serious relationship at the time and we had never done anything remotely sexual or flirtatious before which probably made her catch me even more by surprise when suddenly out of the blue she wrote me a question that made me blush. “How do you feel about spanking someone?”. I told her honestly that I was curious about it but that it was something I had never done. “Do you want to try it?”. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but it turned out she was very much into being spanked while her partner unfortunately was not. He encouraged her to not hold back on his part though. I told her that I was very much interested and she suggested we meet for coffee at her place the day after so that we could talk about it further and go through some details of importance such as boundaries and rules. This was like the opening of a portal to a new world to me where I was a clueless guest to the customs and rules that applied there. I agreed to meet her and this is where our journey began.

My emotions were a mix of nervous excitement and worrying what I was getting myself into. I rang the door and she greeted me in a dark tank top and black leggings. She wore her black hair in a pony tail and she smiled as she gave me a quick hug. We sat down at the kitchen table and she poured me a cup of coffee and asked me how I felt before she started explaining how it normally works. She called it a “session” and she told me about different code words and their meaning, a sort of way to communicate in the heat of the moment without breaking immersion or to stop everything if necessary. Mutual respect, trust and understanding is key, she explained, and very important. Since this is your first time you have to learn the flow and how to build up to it, but I will guide you, she assured me. Want to get started?

She suggested I would sit on the middle seat of the three seat sofa. She asked me if I was right handed and I nodded. Just relax and lean back, she told me, while she positioned herself on her knees on the seat next to me. She turned and lay herself down across my lap and asked me if I was comfortable. I was very comfortable, I told her. All I could think about was how soft and warm her body was, how the essence of her filled my nose and how my breathing got a little heavier as my pulse started rising. She did something with her body which, I could not help but notice, put her ass in a very appealing pouting position and she told me she wanted me to hold her down firmly with my left arm while I was free to spank her with my right hand. I followed her instructions and wrapped my left arm firmly around her. She told me she would be squirming, making noises and might even start crying and telling me to stop but I was to keep going. She might also be cocky and provoke me if I was going too soft on her. The only reason to stop was if she used the safe word. It would mean an immediate stop, no hesitation.

I gave her a few slaps on her ass cheeks to see what it was like. She giggled and told me to be less gentle. I started slapping her, alternating between her cheeks and increasing the power with every third or so slap. She started panting and told me between heavy excited breaths that I should stop every once in a while and rub and gently massage her ass. I asked her if I could pull her leggings down and she said yes. My hands were shaking with excitement as I pulled them down to reveal her ass in a black thong. I caressed her cheeks for a moment before I continued the spanking. It gave a completely different sound and it was oddly satisfying seeing her skin turn from pale white to a colourful red. Her cheeks had goosebumps and when I mentioned that to her she told me it was a sign for me to pause for a moment. She told me I was doing good. “You can go even harder though, if you want to”.

I asked her if I could pull down her thong and she said yes once more and spread her legs slightly to make it easier for me as my fingers gripped her underwear. She had told me before that she enjoyed namecalling where I either called her a brat or bad girl when she was bad or a good girl when she was behaving well and did as I said. I opted for telling her she was a good girl as the thong slid down all the way to her knees. She replied mockingly that she expected such a big guy to discipline her much harder and I took it as a hint to use more power in my slaps. She started squirming wildly in my grip as I spanked her now. Her cries of pain were a mix of excited moans and reaction to the sting of my hand on her bottom and the colour of her ass was deeper than before. I could hear her crying and concerned I paused and asked her if she was okay. She told me that it was great and reminded me that she would use the safe word if she wasn’t. Keep going, she urged me. I gave her another round of spanking about as hard as the last one before we decided to take a break. She asked me to rub her ass with an ointment she handed me. I took my time and rubbed and massaged her cheeks carefully. She seemed to enjoy the caring treatment.

She was standing because of her aching behind as we had another cup of coffee. She looked at me with something peculiar in her eyes and it was the first time I had seen her blush since I got there. She used to be friends with my ex-girlfriend and she told me that my ex had bragged about the size of my dick. “Is it true?” she asked me with a grin. It was my time to blush as I told her I don’t know but I think it is an okay size. She laughed before turning serious and said she needed to tell me something. “This might seem weird but I am a hotwife. Do you know what that means?”. I had no idea at the time, but she explained that her husband not only let her see others for spanking but also to have sex with her. He was not only okay with that, but actually found it exciting and was turned on by it. “It is so hard finding a good bull that you can trust though” she finished and looked at me as if to study my reaction. I told her that I thought it was really interesting and that I respected how deep their bond must be. To my own surprise I found it oddly exciting, which I told her and added that any man would be lucky to be her bull. She smiled at me with a cocky grin. “So… Would YOU like to be my bull?”

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