How Polygamy Begins – 4-1 by James_Gina

“Sue, honey,” I asked, “What’s going on, you seem angry about something.”

“I am so pissed,” Replied Sue. “Professor Jackson, or I should say Professor Jackass gave me a D on my history essay. He said my views were bigoted and racist, and he wouldn’t tolerate those views in his class.”

“What was your essay about,” asked Connie?

“It was about the causes of the American Civil War,” answered Sue.

“What did you write that pissed off Professor Jackson?” I asked.

“The truth,” said Sue, “that slavery was a small part of why the states succeeded from the Union. I gave facts from official records that showed only six percent of people in the south owned slaves. Even Lincoln himself self said that if it preserved the Union, he would allow slavery to remain. My conclusion was that it was state’s rights and not slavery that caused the succession, and that is was the succession that ultimately started the Civil War.”

“Take your work to Dean Rogers and protest your grade,” said Heather. “If you based your essay on verifiable facts, and you have the source material, then it’s a matter of opinion, and the Dean will amend your grade.”

“I’m just so mad because I worked hard on that paper, and for that socialist asshole to give me a D,” responded Sue. “My family is Eastern European Jewish. No one understands racism and bigotry better than I do. Then, when I left Professor Jackass’s office, I stubbed my toe, and now my foot hurts.”

“Lay on the couch, sweetie,” I said. “I’ll get you something to drink and massage your foot.”

Sue sat in the middle of the couch next to Rachel while I made her a daiquiri. Meanwhile, Connie found a RomCom, Friends with Benefits, for us to watch. Heather had sat the pizza out, and I made a pitcher of Strawberry Daiquiri before taking the seat next to Sue. We all started watching the movie, ate pizza, and drank extra strength Daquri’s.

I finished my pizza and reached down and lifted Sue’s feet to my lap. I begin a light massage of the ball of her right foot and toes. Sue finished her pizza and laid her head in Rachels’s lap while I massaged her right foot. We had been watching the movie and laughing a bit for thirty minutes when Sue started using the foot I had finished with to play with my ear. I used my head to push her foot away a few times, but she kept at it. After a few minutes of her aggravating me, I grabbed her foot an bit her big toe.

Sue recoiled her foot with an Ow and complained to everyone that I bit her toe. She then shoved her foot in Rachel’s face “See, Jay left teeth marks, it hurts, kiss it and make it better.”

“I’m not kissing your foot,” exclaimed Rachel. “He bit your foot, make him kiss it.”

Sue shoves her foot in my face. “Rachel said you have to kiss it and make it better,” said Sue.

“Fine,” I said. I grabbed Sue’s foot and give it a quick peck.

“It doesn’t feel better,” extolled Sue, “kiss it again, with feeling this time.”

I took Sue’s foot and placed a gentle kiss on her big toe, then kiss each of her little toes for good measure. “There, all better now?” I asked.

Sue pulls that foot back and shoves the other one in my face. “Now, this one.”

“I didn’t bite that one,” I said. Sue gives me ‘the look’; the I don’t care; do it anyway look. She didn’t say anything and just wiggling her toes in my face. So I take her other foot and gently kiss the big toe before sucking it into my mouth and lightly clamping my teeth on it.

Sue’s eyes go wide at my brazen act and let out a little scream. “Don’t you dare,” she exclaimed.

I give Sue a devious smile, her toe still locked in my mouth. I gently run my tongue around her toe, and she sucks in a sharp breath. The girls abandoned the movie and started watching what I was doing. Sue let out a slight moan as I began licking and sucking her other toes.

Rachel had been gently stroking Sue’s hair, but now bent down and gently kissed her. Sue responded by placing her hand on the back of Rachels’s head and pulling her into a more passionate kiss. As I continued my assault on Sue’s toes, I felt my pants being undone. I Looked down, Connie was there, already naked and working my belt open. Heather was naked right next to her, working on getting Sue’s clothes off.

Connie and Heather had worked for a couple of minutes, getting everyone undressed before joining in. Connie started by taking my cock in her mouth, while Heather began sucking Sue’s left nipple and rubbing Rachels’s pussy. Sue was in blissful elegance as Rachel pulled away from their make-out session, but Sue decided to take it up a notch. Sue turned a bit towards Rachel, lifted Rachels’s leg, and replaced Heather’s hand with her mouth. Heather, in the meantime, moved down Sue’s body and started sucking Sue’s large hard clit.

We had become an orgy of sexual abandon, oblivious to everything except the pleasure we were giving and receiving. I don’t know how long we had been going that way when I heard a “gasp” and “Oh my god” come from behind me. Everyone but Sue stopped what they were doing and looked up and behind the couch. There stood Brandi, an utter look of shock on her face as she looked at what was going on.

“I am so sorry,” said Brandi. “I… I had no idea it was this kind of party.” She just stood there, not saying anymore for a moment.

“Hi Brandi,” I said. “this wasn’t the plan; it just sorta started after we thought you weren’t coming.”

“You going to watch or join in,” asked Heather?

“We can stop,” said Connie.

Rachel let out a moan as Sue was still oblivious and going down on Rachel with total abandon. Rachel finally pushed Sue from between her legs.

“What…” responded Sue.

“We have company,” said Rachel. Sue had a look of terror when she spied Brandi, but Rachel quickly calmed her.

“NO,” said Brandi. “I… I don’t want to stop you… It’s just I never thought… I mean… wow… It’s just you guys have always acted as a family… I never suspected you… you were… were all lovers. This is really hot.”

“So… you going to join us, or just stand there and watch?” asked Connie.

“Oh… Well… I um… Can I just sit over there and um watch,” Brandi responded.

“Sure,” said Connie, “but you have to take your clothes off first.”

“Oh… ahh… okay.”

“Yeah, Jay told me you have some beautiful tattoos none of us have ever seen, but he wouldn’t say what or where they were.”

“Oh… Thanks, Jay, for keeping my confidence, but they’re your family, you could have told them.”

Brandi slowly removed her clothes while the girls watched in aww. The next thing I knew, the girls had all left me and surrounded Brandi looking at her tattoos and body piercings. Then Connie and Heather took Brandi by the hand, and the five of them walked into the bedroom. I sat on the couch for a few minutes before I heard Rachel scream, “Yo, idiot, do you need an engraved invitation? Bring that big cock in here.”

I saunter into the bedroom to the sight of five beautiful women splayed out across my bed. The girls were all talking and giggling with Brandi, and they all looked at me and smiled as I entered the room. Brandi was in the middle, with Sue and Rachel on one side, and Connie and Heather on the other.

“We talked Brandi into joining the fun,” said Heather.

“Baby, why don’t you start with Brandi, since everyone has a partner now,” said Connie.

I noticed Brandi’s chastity lock had been removed as I start kissed my way up her body. The girls watched me until I made it up to Brandi’s face. We kissed lightly for a moment before I pulled away to see Rachel and Sue making out to my left, and Heather and Connie making out to my right. So I returned my attention to Brandi, and we begin making out hot and heavy.

Brandi wrapped her legs around me and was grinding her now wet pussy up and down my shaft. The sensation was unique in that I could feel her piercings rubbing my cock. Rachel was now laying on her back with Sue hovering over her face. Rachel was sucking and licking Sue’s clit for all it was worth. Sue then leaned over and pushed her face between Brandi and me and turned our kiss into a three-way. Brandi seemed to delight in Sue joining us, as she left our kiss and shoved her long tongue in Sue’s mouth.

I started to move down Brandi’s body, but she clamped her legs around me tighter, so I started sucking her nipple instead. I was soon joined by Connie, who pushed me over to Brandi’s right breast, while she attacked the left. Then I felt someone kiss my butt cheek and looked back to see Heather pushing her face between my ass cheeks.

Our initial partnering had digressed into a beautiful orgy of loving. Heather was back and forth between Brandi and me. I wasn’t sure what she was doing to Brandi, but she had two or three fingers buried in my ass, and every so often would suck my balls into her mouth. We went on like that until Brandi started screaming and bucking like a world-class bronco.

Brandi unhooked her legs and lay there panting as I rolled over next to Connie. Connie took advantage and climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my granite hard cock. Next came Rachel, who quickly straddled my face. I couldn’t see, but moaning to my side told me the other girls were having fun too. For the next two hours, the girls all had multiple orgasms, and I had one.

It only took me five minutes to recover after filling Rachel with my seed. Then I took Sue, Heather, and finally, I was going to take Brandi’s ass. I was just lining up with her puckered little hole when she said: “Wait.”

“It’s okay if you don’t want to,” I answered.

“No, I want to, but…” exclaimed Brandi. She looks around at the girls who give her a puzzled look. “Connie, Rachel, Heather, Sue; can I give Jay my virginity?”

The girls looked at Brandi, me, and then each other. Connie spoke up: “Girls, all for one, one for all. It has to be unanimous? Rachel?”

Rachel looked at Brandi; “Yes. Sue?”

Sue looked at me for a second, then looked at Brandi; “Yes. Heather?”

Heather looked a Connie, then Brandi; “Yes. That just leaves you, Cons?”

Connie looked at me for a moment, then Brandi; “You realize we are a family right, you get Jay and the four of us together. Are you alright with that?”

Brandi looked around at the girls, then at me for a long moment, she then looked back at Connie and said; “Yes, I’ve never wanted anything more.”

“Then my answer is… yes,” replied Connie.

The girls all surround us, Connie and Sue play with Brandi’s nipples, while Heather sucks my cock back to full hardness, and then Rachel went down on Brandi making sure she is ready. After a minute, Rachel pulled away, and Heather lined up my cock. I pushed in about half an inch, and Brandi gritted her teeth and sucked in a sharp breath.

“Sweetie, you okay,” I asked.

Brandi just shook her head to the affirmative, so I pressed in another inch and felt her hymen give. She screamed out as I pushed in a little further and felt her hymen break and lets me sink in another inch. Connie put her hand on my stomach and told me to hold there for a minute. I waited for three for four minutes before Brandi’s breathing began to steady. She told me to go ahead, so I pushed slowly until I felt the resistance of her cervix.

Brandi lifted her head and looked down at our coupling. “Oh my god,” she exclaimed, “you’re not even all the way in.”

“Don’t feel bad, sweetie,” said Sue. “I can’t get all of him in either.”

I slowly started to pull out, and she sucked in a sharp breath as I pushed back in. Her pussy was even tighter then Sue’s was, and after only a few minutes, I started to feel the urge to cum again. I stopped, and Rachel reached down and squeezed the base of my cock hard for a second. Rachel smiled and winked at me as I resumed the slow, steady rhythm. Brandi finally seemed to have relaxed and started giving more enjoyment sounds. Everyone loved on Brandi, and she finally exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed. I came a few moments after her, but Brandi shook and quaked for the next fifteen minutes.

The girls were all spent and arranged themselves on the bed around Brandi. They left a spot for me behind Connie. I spooned up against her and put my arm over her and Heather and quickly went to sleep. Sometime in the night, Rachel must have gotten up and thrown a blanket over all of us.

I awoke the next morning with everyone still in place. Connie had my morning wood between her thighs, and she was gently moving her leg back and forth. I started thrusting through her thighs lightly, and this alerted her I was awake. She lifted her leg and whispered for me to put it in. I slid in without effort, and Connie dropped her leg. As she was up against Heather, I started slowly sliding in and out. I draped my hand over her side and found her swollen clit.

Connie and I settled into our slow lovemaking. We were trying to be quiet so as not to wake the other girls. We had just about succeeded when Connie let out a little to loud moan that caused Heather to stir. Heather scooted her ass back against Connie, trapping my hand between her and Connie. Heather grabbed my arm and pulled it out, then replaced it with her own. I tried to play with Heather’s clit, but it was just out of reach, so I started playing with her tit instead. Connie began playing with Heather’s clit just before she shuttered with an orgasm. Connie and I stopped moving for a minute until she whispered for me to let her out. We quietly got out of bed. Connie gave me a peck on the lips and whispered for me to finish Heather.

Heather had just laid where she was, so I climbed back in next to her. As soon as she felt me against her, she simply lifted her leg, so I pushed my still hard cock into her easily. We began our slow, relaxed lovemaking. Heather was still, except each time I pulled out, I could feel her pussy clench my cock tightly. It took about five minutes before she reached back and started pulling me into faster strokes for a moment before she came. I came just a few strokes later. I looked over, and the other three girls were awake and staring at us.

“You girls need some morning love too?” I asked.

Brandi was the first to respond, “I’m to sore for sex, but I’ll take a good morning kiss.”

Heather being Heather, pulled Brandi’s lips to her’s and gave her a passionate kiss. They broke the kiss, and Heather asked, “How was that?”

“Lovely,” responded Brandi, “but I want one from Jay too.”

Heather quickly flipped over the top of me and headed for the bathroom. I scooted over and gave Brandi her kiss. We broke the kiss, and Brandi slipped out of bed. Sue scooted to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips, whispered, “I love you,” and headed for the bathroom.

Rachel was a little more forceful with her morning needs. She leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips, pushed me on my back, and hopped on my face. “No suttle hint from you,” I respond from between her legs. Rachel just smiled and shook her head no as I shoved my tongue in her slit. It took about thirty seconds of my sucking her clit before she sprayed my face.

One of the best features of these apartments was the showers. The showers all had multiple spray heads and could accommodate three comfortably. The apartments had initially been an upscale design for young professionals, but the company went bankrupt during the housing bust of 2008. The college purchased the apartments with a grant for twenty percent of the assessed value.

Anyway, it was a beautiful sight when I walked into the bathroom with Rachel. Connie, Heather, Brandi, and Sue were all in the shower, soapy and washing each other.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “I am in a wet dream; someone slap me.”

With that, Rachel slapped my ass hard. “Awake now, stud?”

All the girls giggle. “Yeah, apparently, I’m just the luckiest son of a bitch alive,” I responded.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame by comparison. I asked Brandi to join us for Thanksgiving the following week, but she had plans already. The rest of the girls started getting ready for the trip to my house for a four day weekend.

I called Mrs. Graves and let her know I was bringing company home. She was a little apprehensive when I told her it was four girls, but less so when I gave her Rachels name as one of the guests. She called back an hour later and told me the Beech 400, one of my dad’s smaller jets, would be at the airport Wednesday evening at 7:00. This was going to be a surprise for the girls, as they thought I was renting a van and driving five hours.

Saturday night, the six of us stayed in and ordered Chinese food. We sat around and talked, mostly to Brandi. Brandi was the happiest any of us had ever seen her. We soon found that we had been the closest friends she had since meeting us about a year ago. Brandi had been here for six years and had only four other friends besides us.

We found out that Brandi came from a well to do ranching family, the middle child of five, and the black sheep of her family. She had two brothers and two sisters, and they were all homeschooled by their mother. Before college, Brandi’s life centered wholly around her family. Her only friends growing up were her siblings, as the closest house to their own was over ten miles away.

The next couple of days flew by. The sex was beyond anything I had ever imagined. Brandi and Sue stayed with me Saturday night. Brandi wasn’t ready for any more sex, but Sue woke me Sunday morning wanting love. Connie stayed over Sunday night for some alone time. Rachel stayed with me all day Monday, we had a quicky during lunch, and sex after our late day study time. Then Heather woke me early Tuesday morning to a blow job and sex. Finally, on Tuesday night, Brandi came over wanting round two.

The girls were all over for pizza and a movie Tuesday evening. Brandi had started to open up to all of us. She was a different person and seemed genuinely happy since we all made love to her.

The movie had just ended when Brandi asked. “Girls, is it okay if I have Jay to myself tonight? I won’t get to see any of you till next week, and just want to have some one-on-one time with Jay.”

“Sure, Brandi,” said Connie. “I think the rest of us need to finish packing anyway.”

All the girls agreed and gave each of us a kiss before leaving us alone. Brandi got up and told me to give her five minutes, and then come in the bedroom. When I walked into the bedroom, it was lit with several candles. Brandi laid in the bed in a sheer white teddy that left very little to the imagination. She was simply stunning.

After making out for a while, she pulled away and got a serious look on her face. She reached behind her neck and undid the clasp to her locket. She handed me the necklace and said, “Jay, honey, this is yours now. Please accept this as the key to my heart, as well as my virtue.”

“Brandi darling, are you sure about this?” I asked. “You know I come with a huge string attached, and I’m not sure where any of this is leading.”

“I know, I never thought of sharing a lover, but Jay… you are the best man, the best person I’ve ever known, and If being part of your life means I have to share you to be with you, then so be it. Plus, I love being with the girls too.”

Brandi and I made slow and passionate love that night. The night was magical, from the tenderness of our first kiss too our last kiss before sleep. Not that it was better then it had been with the other girls, it was just the closeness and passion I felt that brought us together as one. We went from friends with benefits to lovers without reservations.

The next morning I woke Brandi with a kiss on my way out. We said our goodbyes, as Brandi was leaving for the holiday directly after class, and I had my weekly study session with Connie after my class.

Connie and I got back to our apartments at 5:00, and there was a van waiting. We loaded our luggage and drove around to pick up the other girls. After picking up everyone and their luggage, I got to the edge of campus and turned right when Rachel asked, “Where are you going, baby?”

“Oh, I have to make a quick stop before we leave,” I responded. We pulled up to a coded gate at 6:50; I punched in the code and drove down an ally, around another building, and pulled up next to my dad’s jet. The girls all looked confused and then elated as I turned and said, “ready to fly to my house.”

The girls were excited as they got out of the van; the pilot wasn’t at all excited when he opened the back of the van and saw all the girls’ luggage. He gave me a raised eyebrow and commented that he should have brought a 747. After juggling the aircraft weight and balance, and sucking two hundred pounds of fuel out of each wing, we finally taxied out.

The flight was an hour and ten minutes, but it seemed like only a few minutes. After takeoff, Rachel decided she wanted to join the mile-high club. She pulled my cock out and sucked me hard and rode me for a couple of minutes. Rachel hopped off, and Heather took her place. Heather rode herself to an orgasm and was replaced by Sue. Sue was afraid the pilot would turn around, so she pumped a few times and hopped off. Connie didn’t care who saw her, and pulled her pants completely off and began fucking me with total abandon. We went at it for about five minutes until I came, and she came right after me.

Connie had just finished dressing when the pilot announced we would be landing in ten minutes. “So baby, how far is your house from the airport?”

“About a thousand feet from the back corner,” I replied.

We taxied up to the hanger that was about a mile from the house. So I asked the pilot why, “Jeff, why didn’t you take us to the house?”

“Mrs. Donner has forbidden a taxi to the house after dark. There should be a van next to the hanger for you to drive up to the house.”

We stepped off the plane, and I helped the girls down the steps. I had just helped the last, Rachel, down the steps. I turned to hear a scream, I saw a flash of blond hair, and I was almost taken off my feet when my sister Melony jumped into my arms.

“Hey, it’s Smelly Melly,” I said.

“Oh, you big poop, I’m not smelly,” Melly admonished.

“Well, I have to admit, you smell good, not your usual Chanel, but you still smell, sis.”

“Mom and I went to Paris last month, and she took me to visit the Le Nez. He spent a week smelling me with different scents on me and chose the perfect personal scents for me. My daily wear is now Joy, but if I plan to sweat or have… sex. Then I wear Chanel Grand Extrait.”

“SEX, You can’t be having sex, you’re just a little girl,” I extolled.

“Oh, you jerk, I’m just two years younger than you. RACHEL, you came back finally,” shouted Melony.

“Hi, sweetie, it’s so good to see you again,” said Rachel as they hug each other. “You’ve grown since the last time I saw you.”

“Well, two years will do that. Who do we have here?” Melony asked, looking at Connie, Sue, and Heather.

“Sis, allow me to introduce my best friends and girlfriends, Connie, Sue, and Heather.”

“Girlfriends is it,” Melony said. “Hi, I’m Melly, and I’m a hugger.”

Melony gave each of the girls a hug, and we got the bags loaded into the van. The trip to the house took just a few minutes, and we were greeted at the front door by my mom. She greeted Rachel like an old friend but seemed a bit apprehensive with the others.

“Melony, would you give the girls a quick tour and show them their rooms. I need to speak with your brother for a moment.”

Melony gathered the girls, and mom pulled me into the parlor. “Jason Thomas Donner, what in the world is going on with all these women? I’m glad to see Rachel again, but who are these other girls?” Asked mom.

“Mom, Rachel, Connie, Heather, and Sue have been my best and closest friends for three years. And… since you’re going to give them the third degree and find out anyway; they have recently all become my lovers.”

“Lovers, you’re kidding me, you’re sleeping with all four of those girls?” responded mom.

“Yes, mom, we all love one another, and the closeness we developed as friends has translated into very loving relationships.”

“Jason, did your last foray with multiple girls not teach you anything?” mom replied.

“Mom, I learned a lot from Ally, Crystal, & Tiffany. I learned not to buy my friendships; if people don’t like me for me, I don’t need them. I also learned to be more careful in who I choose as friends. Rachel, Connie, Heather, and Susan did nothing for the last three years but give me love, respect, and friendship. They are before anything else, my best, and I mean my best friends.”

“So why the recent jump from best friends to lovers?” mom asked.

“Well… it just kind of happened one night; Rachel had a bad date, and I was there to console her, one thing led to another, and we had sex.”

“Let me get this straight,” mom asked, “you’re telling me that for the past three years you’ve had a platonic relationship with those four girls. Then all of a sudden, a month ago, you started having sex with all four of them? That’s the story you’re trying to spin?”

“Yeah, mom, that’s pretty much it.”

“Jason Thomas Donner, you are not telling me the whole truth. I did not ascend to my current position in life by being stupid; now spill it this instant young man!”

“Mom,” I started to respond, and she gave me ‘the look’ that only a mother can give. The one that bores into your soul, and says you had better not lie to me. “So… funny story, I have told you the truth, but may have left out the part where they all thought I was… gay. But, I want to make it clear that I never tried to deceive them. When I first met Rachel, she may have gotten the impression I was a closet gay and told the others.”

“Exactly how did Rachel get the impression you were a closet gay?”

“I guess she was sending me signals that I didn’t get, but she liked being around me, so we just became friends. It was all a big misunderstanding, but everything is okay. We are still friends; they just sleep with me from time to time.”

“You understand I’m going to talk with these girls, right?”

“Yes, mom, and they nor I have a problem with that.”

“One more question,” asked mom, “how much money have you spent on them over the years?”

“Before I took each of them on a private date last month, not a dime, oh except for Heather, but I got every penny of it back.”

“Okay, son,” mom gave me a peck on the lips, “go catch up with your sister and your… girlfriends. I need time to process, but we’ll talk again before you leave.”

I caught up to the girls in the media room just before Mellony was going to show them their rooms. We walked up the stairs and down a short hall to what was known as the guest wing. The guest wing had four suites, each with its own bathroom, and the wing had a large room with a kitchen, dining area, and a lounge.

“So where is your bedroom baby?” asked Connie

“Oh, if you go back through the double doors and hand a right,” responded Mellony, “there are three doors at the end of that hall. The one on the right is Jay’s, and mine is in the middle.”

“Wait,” I responded, “That’s Adam’s room.”

“Not any more bro, I’ve got the big room now.”

“No fair, I was supposed to get that room when Adam moved out.”

“You’re away at college, so mom gave it to me, naaa.” And she stuck her tongue out at me.

“How big is this room?” asked Sue.

“All the rooms are big,” I respond, “but that one has a nice sitting area and a bigger bathroom with a tub.”

We all went to see Melony’s and my bedrooms. Everyone but Heather seemed to be impressed by Melly’s room and said my room was enormous too. The bedrooms were all twenty by twenty, but Melly’s room had a separate twelve by twelve sitting room and a couple of extra feet in the bathroom. My room still had everything right where I left it, but unlike most boys’ rooms, my posters were all in professional frames.

Melly and I got the girls settled in their rooms and then returned to our own rooms. I was about to tell her good night when she pushed me through my bedroom door and closed it behind her.

“What the holy fuck bro, I thought you would never have a relationship with a girl again, and now you bring four home. You know mom and I are going to grill them all weekend, and we had better not find anything off.”

“Oh, well, we are heading back Friday morning, so maybe next time,” I responded.

My sister gave me a wicked little laugh and said, “Think again, bro, mom gave the pilot time off, and he won’t be back until Sunday. So you just get comfortable.” She gave me a peck on the lips and started to leave the room. She opens the door and turns to me, “Oh, and bro, no sex this weekend.” She winks at me and closes the door.

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