How my brother started cucking me with my asian girlfriend Part 2

In the following week, Christine and I started to talk about what had happened a bit. Not in great detail, and only really when we were having sex. Small things like if she liked being fucked by both of us, and if he felt good inside her. Her answers were almost always just “Yes” as she moaned while we fucked or touched each other.

One question she wouldn’t answer was when I’d ask if she wanted it to happen again. She’d stay silent, biting her lip or keeping her eyes closed and looking away.

My brother lived in a different city than us but not too far away, so we’d visit pretty regularly. As the weekend got closer, I suggested to Christine that we visit him that weekend, which was earlier than usual since we’d visit more like once a month than each week.

Christine agreed though and I reached out to my brother who said sure. I was set in my mind to make something happen again.

When we got there we set up a show to watch in his living room. Usually in the past I wouldn’t put much thought into where I sat on the couch or where Christine sat, and she’d usually just end up on the other side of me with my brother beside me. This time I made sure to sit in a way so there was no room on my far side and Christine was forced to sit beside me between my brother and me.

Christine leaned against me cuddling close, most likely trying to make as much room between her and Nathan as she could. However, this did put her hips and legs closer to him. I was hyper aware as we watched of that proximity, and kept wishing in my head that he’d make a move to start touching her.

A full episode passed though with nothing happening, and I realized I was going to have to start making things happen. My brother got up to go to the bathroom and grab a drink, and while he was up I started to whisper in Christine’s ear about how I wanted to see him fuck her, and for her to make a move on him.

She’d kept laughing quietly and saying “Oh god” in an embarrassed way. As Nathan was coming back to the couch I whispered in her ear “Just suck his dick to start”. My brother saw us whispering and raised his eyebrow. “What are you two whispering about?”

Before Christine could say anything I grinned at him and said, “Christine was just saying how she wants to suck your cock”.

Nathan raised his eyebrow again with a bit of a smirk and said, “Oh yeah?” as he sat back down.

Christine sat silent for a moment before finally saying quietly, “Yeah”.

My brother chuckled and started to unzip his pants. He pulled out his cock and started rubbing it a bit as he reached up and started pulling Christine’s head over and down. “Go on then”, he said as she started to shift herself up onto her knees to kneel across and lower her head down towards his crotch.

I heard her say “Ok” just as she lowered her head down and slid her lips around his hardening cock.

She was kneeled on the couch with her ass in the air, basically in my face at this point. I sat there for a bit watching the back of her head bob up and down as she sucked my brother’s cock. He was starting to moan and leaned back to relax and let her do her thing.

Christine was wearing jeans again, and after watching for a bit I reached around and started undoing her jeans. I pulled them down to her knees along with her panties, and started licking her pussy and groping her ass. She started moaning on Nathan’s cock as she got more and more into my licking.

Suddenly Nathan asked if we wanted to take things to the bedroom, and we all said sure. He got up and took Christine by the hand as she shimmied out of her jeans. I walked behind them and watched my brother lead my little asian girlfriend to his bedroom, her tight round ass jiggling with her steps and the only thing still covering her was the t-shirt she still wore.

I followed them into the bedroom to see them already close against each other, Christine helping pull my brother’s shirt and pants off. Nathan started pulling Christine’s shirt up over her head, as it came off she gasped and lost her balance falling backwards onto his bed.

Nathan wasted no time, dropping the shirt to the side and climbing on top of her. He started kissing her neck, reaching around to undue her bra and pull it off. He started groping her tits, roughly tweaking her nipples slightly and pulling on them. Normally this would startle her and make her jump, but she just moaned loudly and ground her hips into him.

I couldn’t handle just watching anymore, so quickly made my way around them to her head, and climbed on the bed over top of her. I leaned down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head towards me as I shoved my tongue down her throat. She began sucking on my tongue, moaning deeply every few seconds. I took her arms and pulled them above her head, stretching her out and making her tits get even perkier. As I did this, Nathan began moving down her body. He wrapped his arms around her thighs, and dove face first into her wet pussy.

Christine arched her back, writhing as she moaned, “Oh God!”

I moved my mouth down her neck to her breasts and started sucking on them, alternating from one to the other and back again. I looked down to where my brother had his head buried between Christine’s legs. She still had her socks on, and her feet bobbed up and down as she swiveled her hips on his tongue. The view of my brother’s face buried in between my girlfriend’s legs, combined with the wet sounds of his tongue rubbing her wet slit, was incredibly erotic. I took one of my hands off of her arms and reached down to grab my cock, which was rock hard and already glistening with pre-cum, and moved it in front of her face. She opened her mouth and moved her head towards my dick, devouring it hungrily as she continued to grunt and moan.

I could tell she was close to orgasm, as her still pinned hands grasped over and over again at my arms. “Mmmhhf, mmmhhf, mmmhf!” She started moaning louder and louder through my cock, her whole body shaking as she came on Nathan’s face. He continued lapping her up for a few more moments, forcing Christine to squeal and kick her legs to repel the over stimulating assault.

He quickly stood up, wiped his mouth, and grabbed her legs to roll her onto her hands and knees. Christine pulled my cock out of her mouth as she started rolling over, panting and laughing as she put her ass in the air and made her pussy available for him.

My brother got on the bed behind her, grabbing her hips and shoving his cock into her waiting pussy. “Oh fuck yes!” Christine threw her head back, closing her eyes tightly as he began thrusting in and out of her. He was already moving at a fast pace, having been worked up for some time now. Her tight little ass bounced with every thrust, and her head tilted back and then forward with his movements. She continued moaning loudly as her eyes became lidded, her mouth hanging open in a combination of smile and moan.

I moved to the end of the bed to watch, knowing that if she sucked my cock now I would blow in seconds. I soaked in the scene transpiring before my eyes. My sexy little girlfriend was on all fours in front of me, grunting and moaning while my brother humped her. The primal sexiness of the whole event was an incredible turn on, especially when every so often she would make eye contact with me and give a little grin before her eyes would glaze over again and she’d look away moaning.

After watching for a bit I couldn’t take it anymore and climbed on the bed in front of her. I grabbed her head and pulled her mouth down onto my cock and started to fuck her mouth in rhythm with my brother’s thrusts. I immediately knew this was a mistake, the pace was way too fast for how close I was. Usually I would cum in Christine’s mouth and she would swallow, but I think because of the situation and how pornographic it was, I decided to pull out just as I was pushed past my limit and started rubbing myself as I came all over her face.

Christine gasped and closed her eyes as my cum hit her face around her eyes and cheeks, and began to leak down her face. After rubbing out the last of my cum I backed up again and watched, mesmerized by the sight of her little body tensing against the thrusts of my brother, my cum leaking down her face and hanging off her mouth and chin.

Suddenly Nathan started to grunt loudly and slam harder into Christine, forcing her to moan louder and louder as he started to cum deep inside her. They sat there a moment, laughing and panting as they recovered.

Christine seemed to remember the cum all over her face, and exclaimed “Ahh, I’m a mess!” as she got up off the bed and ran for the bathroom. My brother and I stood there without saying anything, and started to get our clothes back on.

By the time Christine came out and started getting her clothes on, it seemed like the awkwardness had kicked back in and everyone was kind of quiet. As we finished getting dressed, Christine quietly said “I guess we should get going” and we both awkwardly agreed and headed for the door.

As we drove back home though, I started to ask Christine about it, whether she liked it or not. She said, “That was fun”, and I started talking dirty and asking if she loved his hard cock pounding into her. I reached down and undid her pants and shoved my hand down to start rubbing her clit as I kept asking her questions about the sex, all of which she answered with “Yes”.

By the time we got home she had come all over my hand, and I knew I needed to make this happen again.

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