How I would Fuck you. by farmboy_scott

In detail how I would fuck you.

It starts from a party. You had already seen me strip. I spent most of the party in a skimpy butler type outfit and served drinks and snacks, helped with the games and just assisted everyone with their gifts. It was a bachelorette party for a good girl group of your friends with just a quick strip to full nudity at the end.

You wanted more and approached me. I was agreeable but mentioned the ring you were wearing. You told me not to worry, that your husband would be picking you up shortly and would explain the situation.

It happened as you indicated, your husband, you and I went for a cup of coffee and you both told me about your arrangement and that I had nothing to worry about. While we had our talk, you sat across the table from me. As soon as your husband explained your arrangement an how and evening with me could fit in, your foot found it’s way between my legs. You were massaging my crotch with your bare foot, your toes finding and tickling the head of my dick through my jeans. Your husband even bought us the motel room and took one for himself on another floor to give us our privacy.

I went into “our” room alone while you went with your husband to prepare. We both showered and you dressed and came up to our room.

I was waiting in just a bathrobe when you came in.

I was in my bathrobe when your husband knocked on my door escorting you up. I opened the door, shook hands with your husband as he told me to take good care of you and give you what you wanted. I took your hand and ushered you inside, leaving the door wide open for your husband to watch if he liked.

“You’re absolutely gorgeous.” I said. “You said earlier that you don’t want love making, but just raw sex. Is that right?”

“Yes Scott, he takes care of the love and tenderness, the emotional connection, all I want is raw sex. You be in charge and take me.”

With that I drop my robe and begin to undress you. Your body is perfect. I caress you and lead you to the bed. my erection rising as we go. We reach the bed, I turn you and kiss you deeply, our tongues probing each others mouths. You sit and take my erect cock in one hand as you reach onto the nightstand for a condom. You deftly open it and stroke me a few times with your free hand before rolling it over my veiny shaft. Your soft fingers stroke my scrotum as you stand and kiss me deeply again. My fingers gently caress your breasts as you turn away from me climbing onto the bed on your knees. You bend over and offer yourself to me as I step up and tease you gently with my hard cock. It’s warm in the room and I have just had a hot shower, my scrotum is loose and my balls swing freely and low.

“Mmm, you’re ready for this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, we played around just a bit. I’m so excited.”

I lean forward and nuzzle on your throat as I enter you gently from behind.

You gasp, “I can sure tell you’re there. Oh My.”

I enter gently, but stand back up, reaching forward to hold your breasts. I finger them as I pull out and push back in quickly. My balls slap your stomach. I pull back again and slam in harder this time, my balls hitting you more firmly. My sack just touching and stimulating your clit as it does. I lean down again, thrusting into you as I do. Grinding my pelvis against you. I fondle your breasts with one hand as I nuzzle your neck and then your ears. My other hands reach down to your opening, where my throbbing cock is buried inside you. I finger you and I thrust, burying myself as deep as I can go. I pull back and thrust in again, slamming you hard as my fingers tease your little button. We keep on like this. Fucking like two animals in a rut. I’m biting at your neck as I pump in and out of you. You turn your head and I lean in and kiss at your mouth, our tongues probing and pushing against the other’s. I feel you convulse. You lock up, sucking on my tongue as your first orgasm hits you. I stop pumping, buried to the hilt inside your hot tunnel. You convulse and spasm on me, my fingers delicately stroking your opening. Your orgasm lasts awhile, but I have the skill and the stamina to hold off. Your gentle bite releases my tongue and you moan as you tell me how great that was. I stand, my hands on your hips, my cock still inside you. Slowly, I stroke in and out of you a couple of times.

“Ready for more?”

“Oh Lord, don’t stop.” you tell me.

I lean down and reach under your breasts and shoulders to support you. I stand, picking you up, your body still impaled on my hard as steel member. I lift you from the bed and turn around, slowly carefully, without puling out of you I sit on the edge of the bed, your back against my chest, my cock still buried inside. I look up and see that your husband is standing in the open doorway watching with a slight smile on his face. He and I make eye contact, he winks and slowly backs out closing the door, leaving us to our fun, trusting us both completely. I lie back, my feet on the floor, pulling you back on top of me. We lie like this a moment as I again lick and suck on your ears. I start to hump into you again. My hands again find your breasts. I love fondling and squeezing your nipples as my prick spears into you. In this position, there isn’t much you can do to reciprocate. I hope you are enjoying the ride. I lower my right hand to your opening, above where my cock is entering you. I softly finger your clit, you moan is response to the stimulation. I nibble on your earlobes and I pump into you. We fuck like this for several minutes as you cum again. This time your juices cover the bottom side of my prick and run down onto my swinging balls.

Your second orgasm passes and I slow. Do you want to slow down for awhile? “No,” is your immediate answer, “get on top of me and fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel that cock pump your seed into me.”

Again I surprise you. I sit up, my throbbing hard on still inside your hot slippery tunnel. I lift you and stand, your back to me, I pull out, my cock dancing over your lower back as I walk you to the table. I lift you easily and set you on the table facing me, your legs spread as I get between them. My balls rub over your sweet puffy opening as my cock points at the ceiling, the bottom vein sliding over your protruding clit. I rub my scrotum over those lips a few times before backing up. You reach between us grabbing and guiding my cock at your opening, brushing it slightly against your swollen lips as you do so. I push forward, entering you suddenly. You moan in pleasure. I begin thrusting hard and fast. Fucking you in earnest. You want to feel me pulse as my ejaculation mixes with your third orgasm. We have been fucking like this for 20 minutes or so, your husband witnessing the first 10. You reach up, stroking my pecs and nipples with your soft tender fingers. You are gentle to me, but begging me to fuck you harder and harder. My fingers tweak and tease your nipples. Your breasts are flush from the exertion. My face and entire body are flushed. There is a sheen of sweat on me as we fuck like this. I feel you begin to tense up. My cock swells more, the head enlarging appreciably. You notice and it brings you over the edge. Your vaginal walls contract and squeeze against my throbbing hard as steel cock. Your pussy is milking my seed out as I squirt a huge load into you. You can feel the head of my dick swell each time I squirt a shot into you and your body responds in kind, trying to pull that load of sperm deeply inside of you. My thrusting slows as I lean forward to kiss your gently. I’m still buried in you, my pubic hair against your shaven opening. Our kiss again turns to passion as your mouth opens, inviting my tongue in. Again, our tongues intertwined, our passion becomes ferocious as we kiss, oour hands stroking each other ‘s bodies. I break away, standing. I pull out of your before my spent penis goes limp. The condom is full of my cream. The cream your body tried so valiantly to pull deeper inside you.

As I remove the condom, you quickly kneel in front of me, taking my softening member into your mouth to clean me. “MMMM” you moan, telling me that my juice is the first you have tasted other than your husband’s. You note that it us not as bitter or salty as you had expected. Is it because of my diet or my youth you wonder.

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