How I sucked my friend’s dick in the shower

One day I came to visit my friend. She and I watched the movie as usual. This time we chose an erotic film and after 15 minutes of watching we were delighted. Our pussies got wet and we started fingering ourselves, looking at each other. It was already late evening and we thought everyone was asleep. We did it completely quietly and caressed each other, but when the moment of orgasm came, I saw that my friend’s brother was spying on us. And when I noticed him, he quickly disappeared. After a while my friend went to bed. And I decided after our fun to go take a shower. And on the way to the shower I met a guy, while talking with him I noticed that his penis was erect. And I really wanted to try it. and I called him into the shower and gave him a very good blowjob. he came on my face, we took a shower together and went to bed ☺️

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