How I sucked my brother’s dick

During a blowjob, all the man’s problems are sucked out of his head. On my lunch break, I got a hankering for sex. A blow job, to be exact. My desire coincided with my stepbrother’s. We’d had sex once before. Weird, a little silly, but fruitful. We drank tea, disappeared into the bathroom. Quick undressing with the door locked. Buttons ripped off on the tiled floor, pants torn and his cock enjoying my mouth and tongue. The penetrating blowjob, the rhythmic wheezing….. I’d never in my life wanted to suck as much as I sucked him, even though it was the first time I’d ever done it…. His hands were holding my head by my hair, he was working his pelvis, I was actively with my mouth, lapping…
The blowjob didn’t last as long as our first sex with him. After a few minutes of sucking he pulled my head back, taking his cock in his hand and his seed erupted on my face. A few spurts and cum dripped off my cheeks, nose, and mouth…. – If you sucked non-stop, you’d rule the world…. ,” my brother said, sitting down on the edge of the tub. I took a breath and went to the sink to wash up. – We’re just fucking. – Are we? Not for love? – Love. You’re the best thing I’ve ever fucked. He came up behind me, kissed my back, put his arms around me. He bent me over and spread my legs. He knelt down and started licking me from behind. After wetting his cock with saliva, my brother entered me from behind. I gripped the sink tightly, he gripped my hips tightly. What could be better than? Especially being brought to orgasm. And you can fuck whoever you want, if you have the means and the desire. Even though my stepbrother paid me for sex the first few times, I didn’t feel like a whore, even though he called me that while he was fucking me. But he also told me he loved me before and after sex. He fucked me for about ten minutes without pulling out, and when he pulled out he cum on my ass. – Thank you, I love you and I’ll always love you. – Just for letting me fuck you… -… and for sucking me off. And you’re my sister, and that’s priceless! I smiled at him. He put his arms around me and we kissed. I love him, more than as a brother, as the man of my dreams.

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