How I (M) fucked my coworker in the walk-in cooler

When I was a teenager, I worked at a fairly boring subway. It didn’t get much work and it only had a few employees. I mainly worked the closing shift with a girl who was a few years older than me. She was this gorgeous blonde named Taylor. She looked like Regina George but with DDD cups. She was super hot and she knew it. She loved teasing me. We got along really well but she always knew I had a crush on her and loved playing with that.

I got the job at the beginning of my summer of growth. At the beginning of the summer I was short and skinny and just kinda dorky looking. But by the end of the summer, I was nearly 6’0 tanned and had put on some toned muscle. I had fixed my hair and got more confident in my appearance. I felt so good that I started to make her jealous.

We were still really chill with each other but I’d started flirting with customers, having consistent sex and dating. And we lived in a pretty small area so my name traveled quick. Because of this I kind of got over my crush on Taylor. And she didn’t like it. I could tell because she started sabotaging me when I’d flirt. She started doing things like hugging me from behind and calling me babe. Finally she pushed it too far.

I was ringing a customer up and flirting with her and she was flirting back and we were really close to doing something when Taylor came up behind me and stuck her hands into my pants. I didn’t want to get her in trouble so I let her keep them there, feeling my dick slowly harden, until the customer left. That’s when I turned on Taylor. “You cannot do that shit.” I was mad but she couldn’t help but laugh. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they’re hard dick is visibly pushing against their pant leg. “Great, I’m gonna go jerk off.” “Ew, you can’t jerk off here.” I unzipped my pants getting ready. “I can’t serve another customer with a boner and unless you’re gonna do something about it I’ve got no choice.” She pepped up a bit. “Perfect! I just handle it for you.” Without another word she grabbed my hand and lead me into the walk-in cooler. “Wait here, get it ready.”

Taylor was wearing the mandatory subway T-shirt with a little hat, her hair pulled through it in a pony tail. She also wore a pair of fishnet leggings under a pair of black jean shorts. It was impossible to tell with her T-shirt but she also had a black lace bralette and a matching thong pulled as far up her ass as she could manage.

I was so confused but I dropped my pants to my ankles. She came back in with an extra large glove and the bottle of oil we used for the sandwiches. “No.” She giggled and pulled my foreskin back. “Yup.” She poured some oil on my dick then gave it a few strokes, getting it spread all around. She then pulled the glove over my dick, sliding it into one of the fingers. She put more oil on the plastic over my cock then pulled her shorts down.

I didn’t even give her time to pull her fishnets down as I pushed her against the wall. Despite being aggressive I still wanted to give her the opportunity to back out. I pushed the tip of my dick through one of the holes of her fishnets and touched it to her labia. “You sure you want this?” She looked back with a grin. “What are you scared?”

It wasn’t the best sex I’ve ever had, but there was something primal about it that I’ll never forget. I had a grip on her ponytail, pulling her into each thrust. She was much smaller than me and I could feel it. I had her bent over, pressed against the wall.

Once I saw her ass was bright red and I could see the imprint of her fishnets on her legs, I let go of her hair, turned her around and grabbed her by her ass. She let out a little yelp as I lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and lifted her shirt as I started fucking her again. I didn’t even care about her thong rubbing against my shaft.

Eventually I came. I pushed her back against the wall as I did, putting my hand to her throat. It was weird, it was the only time that I was kind of angry during sex. But she liked it and invited me over to her house a couple times after that.

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