how I [M] Created my little pet [f]

Some time ago I acquired a pet from Reddit. I found her posting in one of those “I need some validation” sub reddits. I did the standard chatting her up until she couldn’t take it anymore and had her hand all the way down her panties. The more we chatted the more times she would sneak off some place to be alone. I used to live for our chats, they were so enjoyable.

She attended a university not far from me, and one day I caved into her requests for me to visit. I went to her lovely college town to wander around the streets and campus with her. I did not have any lude intent at the time; I promise. She was as expected; awkward, dress as if someone randomly picked clothes off the clearance rack, a rail thin girl who had no idea how to use make up, or even style her clothes to fit her body correctly (you would be shocked how many women don’t). She was excited to see me, however I didn’t know at first seeing as she didn’t express things very well verbally. No, little pet would communicate much better with her body.

We did the things I expected to do with her; she showed me her favorite hiding places on campus, walked to the stores she liked to frequent and wander around when she was lonely, showed me her dorm room sans dorm mate, her favorite places to eat, and insomnia cookies (which would be come a staple in my future trips). We got back to the start of my tour and she didn’t know what to do but made it very clear she didn’t want the day to end. I took her for a drive to some more prominent places around the town. Which wasn’t too hard seeing as the town was small anyway, proper college town you see. After some time I just pulled over in a parking lot of a shopping center. She got closer and closer as she talked my ear off. The poor girl never had anyone to talk to, so talking was a big thing for her. I always tried to get her to make friends, join clubs, do things when she was there; just my little pet never did. I don’t know why either, she is just lovely. Recalling one of my stories she took my hand and placed it between her legs. I pulled her close with that one hand on her thigh. That is when the fingering started.

It didn’t take long for me to realize she wanted something a bit more, closer to our phone conversations. These chats would often end with her cumming in some random hiding spot in her dorm building, around campus, or even in her dorm when it was empty. She wanted the real thing this time. I gently started in on her pussy, filling her up with my big finger.. she could at the time only take the one. She remarked how much bigger it was than she imagined. Laughed that it was one finger vs her two. I lifted her up with my free hand and placed her on my lap. I softly caressed her head while I slow fingered her in my lap, making her feel warm and safe. Repeatedly she begged for my voice in her ear, the sensuality of it, the lust making her legs clamp on my hand. I let slide off my tongue every fantasy this little girl had, drowning her brain in lust. The deeper the words, the deeper my finger moved inside her. Her petite frame shook as she came on my hand, squeezing my finger tightly inside. I didn’t stop, I pulled everything down, up with her top, and devoured her chest with my mouth as my finger moved inside her as speeds she was unaware possible. Alternating and vibrating her entire core with just one finger she explodes all over the inside of my car. The shock of cumming this way embarrassed her, but also turned her on more. Holding her in my lap I carefully moved the car behind the shopping center where we would be less oblivious to what we were doing. I propped her into the passenger seat, liberated her hips from her leggings, and slowly licked down the inside of her leg. She kept chattering on nervously as my mouth got closer and closer.

I tongued her from the inside to the outside. I used every mouth move on her small pussy that I knew, these never failed me; having yet to have a girl cum in more than five min from my sensuous mouth-gasums. I had to smack her little ass a few times as her legs would clamp too tightly to my head; note to self more room next time. I slid up her body and she got a bit afraid at that point, shouting what are you doing in the most nervous voice. Still fingering you I replied, but I want you to taste your pussy on my lips. I kissed her madly and deeply as she lay in my passenger seat my finger up inside her body, my tongue penetrating her mouth and lips. This went on for way longer than expected, taking her body in different positions to finger her harder and faster, slower and sweeter, whatever felt best until she passed out in my arms.

When she woke up, I pulled my cock out and put it in her hand. She couldn’t take her eyes off it and was unable to even look up at me. She had never sucked on a cock before, and I thought .. what better time to teach her. I softy guided her down the shaft as I pushed it into her mouth. Her gagging noises as she tried to take more than she could made me laugh, so she would stop and tell me to cut it out. I caressed the top of her head and she would go back down. She wasn’t very good, again most girls aren’t, but with time she did learn to work my cock with her pretty mouth. She could never decide between licking it, sucking on the top or as much as she could get, or just stroking it with her hand. Made it very hard to get off but I would in time. I got her to keep her mouth on it, taught her to not use her hand and really work her tongue as best she could. This brought me closer to the end. She knew about my love of cumming on a girl, her breasts, her face, her stomach. However, she had always enjoyed the porn when the girl takes it in her mouth, so she said she would swallow it. Her constant awkward cock sucking was amusing to say the least, so this was a riot. As I came into her mouth it took her by surprise; she lurched back away from it and got blasted on the face, neck, hair (sadly) and other places. I made her lick it all up like a good girl.

Took her back to the dorm to get cleaned up, teased her a bit, toyed with her a bit but nothing overtly sexual just a few slaps and chokes here and there to remind her she was property. As we chatted I learned that she was more into the kinks we would talk about than I presumed. She wanted to be owned with a collar on, to be told what to do and how to dress. This fact came back up when we were out walking to find a place to eat that night, one of the many campus stores that sold clothing was open. I had her buy a new outfit.

The skirt complimented her hips, they were small, but hour-glassed her waist, she had handle bar hip bones and cute little legs dropping down. The top was a sports bra type top, to show off that stomach. While her breasts didn’t quite fill it out, if you get me, it still showed off her shoulders. Then a cute little zip up hoodie to end the outfit. I walked her back to the car, where I had (from other girls and subs) a collar that I let her ware that night. I then walked her around like my little pet. Talked to random people, asked if they liked her outfit, had her talk to random girls to try to make some friends. She even chatted up the waitress. Then at the insomnia cookies, she was able to get the number of the cute girl working behind the counter. Take your mind out of the gutter; it was so she could hang out with her later. We got back to her dorm, but the mate was there, so we wandered the halls a bit and she showed me some of the places she had hidden herself. One was very dark, secluded and I pulled her into it. Hand up the skirt and mouth on her small breasts, I just tongued her a bit but I didn’t let her cum. I wanted to edge her, make her realize what a privilege it is to be my pet. The rest of the night she laid curled up with me, my hand on her thigh, talking about everything in her beautiful little mind. I took my pet back to her dorm, and left very early in the morning. When I stopped for a drink an hour later I was greeted by some very lovely ludes on my phone.

This is how I created my little pet, we have been having some grand adventures and maybe if I am feeling up to it I will post more about her. She may have been the awkward little girl in this story but now she has become the perfect pet. This weekend will be the weekend we explore the kink she has desired for some time, cold shivering ice domination.

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