How i let a couple use me for a night?

This is something that I have honestly wanted to do for quite a while now. I have always had the fantasy of being shared by a married couple and I finally had the chance to make it happen. I met them online and after a while of talking I agreed that we could meetup to fulfill both of our fantasies. It was their first time doing this as well so it was a first time for both of us.
They were both super fit and hot. He was 33 and she was 27. Im 19 for comparison and im gonna be honest the age difference was super hot to me. They rented us a hotel room for the night and I was soooo nervous and excited on the uber ride there. I could feel how wet I was and I even touched myself through my panties on the ride over.
When I got there they told me they would already be fucking and the door would be unlocked and it was exactly as they said. I walked in and he was standing up fucking her bent over on the bed. The moment I saw it I became unbelievably horny it was so intense watching her get fucked.
She told me to lay in front of her so she could lick me while she got fucked. I laid down and she pulled of my panties and started licking and kissing my pussy. It was so hot feeling her rock back and forth as she got fucked. It felt so good and turned me on so much. I wanted more.
We did all kinds of positions and I got so suck his cock and lick her pussy and get fucked and fingered by both of them. I came more than once I am happy to say. The finish was amazing. I was laying in 69 with his wife and we were licking each other while her husband fucked me. If felt so good having a tongue on my clit while a cock was inside me.
When he finally came he put it as deep inside me as he could and the moment he pulled out his wife stuck her tongue as far into my pussy as she could and I could tell she was trying to lick as much of it up as possible. It was so fucking hot. We spent the rest of the night cuddling and kissing until I went home. They were honestly really cool people I def wanna do it again and so do they so I cant wait for that 🙂

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