How I discovered I have a drool kink.

My wife and I have a bit ouf a routine, but in a good way. We have a nice sesh and when we’re good and stoned we cuddlefuck. It’s almost always what she calls a “slow comfy fuck,” and it’s a great way to kill a lazy day. A while back she got a lush3 and it’s app works with music. So we’re slow grinding and she gets the lush and slides it in her ass. We share another joint, she layed on top of me and I slid into her dripping wet pussy. I get the slightest hint of the vibrations from the lush and she starts slow riding me. It’s not uncommon for her to zone out and just enjoy the ride but this time it hit a little harder. Her pelvis starts doing more of the work so I bend my legs so I can get into her rythm. Her moaning became more drawn out and soon I could feel the familiar tightening from her upcoming orgasm. She pushes up with her arms holding my shoulders, her tits shifting in time with a slight sweaty glistneing. I look up at her face and she’s in the zone, nothing going on except carnal bliss. Then it happened, she started drooling, a little bit of saliva started leaking out, a single short strand of spit hanging over my face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, I found myself thrusting a bit harder and I saw the strand grow longer. She looked down and saw me with my mouth open and my tongue out. She leaned down, probably thinking she was going to suck on my tongue (something else I like) and I licked the spit off of her lip. “Oh? thats what you want?” she asked. “Yeah,” I could barely speak, “yeah more.” Her tongue cam out of her mouth and the drool started. A long string of her spit right down in my mouth, she bent over and licked my lips. She licked my ear and said “Fuck me,” and I went for it. She let go, face down, mouth open, drooling like she was at a dentist apointment. I exploded, her pussy clamped down as she came and she layed down on top of me. I could feel the cum leaking out of her but she didn’t move. She just layed on top of me, breathing hard and making those little moans as her body settled down. After a few minutes she sat up and made a kissy face at me, I realized she wanted to spit in my mouth so I opend up and she slowly let her mouth full of salivia slide past her lips and into my mouth. As it hit my tongue she leaned in and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I’d had in a while. I was hooked and she’s more than happy to give me what I want.

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