How can I convince my girlfriend to let me put it inside her? M23 F24

So basically background of the story. I’m M23 and she is F24 and we’re Asian grown up in quite strict families. Basically we’ve been dating for close to 2 years now and I’ve have recently been having a real urge of just fucking her so hard. But she has always been worried of getting pregnant even with condoms and also she’s really scared of the pain. Like she always tells me that it’s impossible to put it in because it’s too tight. She is a virgin btw and I am too. So basically I’ve been getting blowjobs from her once in awhile but of course we’ve tried putting it in before (and it’s really hard for her to agree on that) because she always says that it hurts too much. So I also wouldn’t want to put too much pressure on her. I’ve probably managed to get my head in probably once or twice. But she’s always telling me that my dick is much bigger than my fingers so its definitely not going to fit. She’s also quite reluctant to use lube. So I’m really not sure what do I do. It’s coming to a point I’m kinda giving up putting it inside her that I’m so used to just finish with a blowjob. Any advice? Because I don’t wanna force her too. Does it really hurt that much on the first time?

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