HotWife Advertures 2/?

I’m pacsing the house in anticipation. I always get nervous/anxious waiting for a bull to show up. Thoughts circle my head what if they don’t show? What if they cum really quick and then say they have to go? What if it’s not like it has been lack of passion and excitement? He finally pulls in the drive and I’m immediately giddy. I’m watching and waiting for him to walk up it feels like it takes centuries for him to get to the door. I open the door and he greets me with a smile and a kiss.

We go to the bedroom I hop on the bed he grabs me with passion like he has built up sexual tension. He kisses me forcefully and I can already tell this is going to be a very hot romp session. He squeezes my tits and attempts to suck my nipples in but my outfit is in the way he pulls it up and over my head so quickly like it was never on. He nibbles and flicks his tongue over my nipple and then throws my legs up and begins licking my pussy. I can already feel an orgasm growing inside me and he continues to lick my pussy and suck on my clit. I feel a couple fingers slide in my pussy with ease and I moan in anticipation. They slide in and out and I know I’m going to cum in a matter of seconds. His tongue flicks over my clit and I can’t hold on any longer and I clench around his fingers and my orgasm takes over. He grins like he just achieved a promotion at a job. He releases me and I sit up breathing heavy. We kiss hard and I immediately go for his belt.

I want his cock in my mouth and my pussy. I crave it. I get his jeans and underwear off and his cock springs out hard as a rock. I grab his hard cock firmly and stroke it a few times. He grabs my ponytail and pulls me back on the bed on my back and I’m anticipating his cock to slide in my soaking wet pussy he fans my rose toy and starts to play with my clit. I squirm as I feel an orgasm build inside me. He pulls me on my side and holds the Rose while he slides his cock in effortlessly I feel so full like there is no room for anything else in my pussy. He pumps his cock hard and fast and I explode around his cock. He tells me I’m so sexy when I’m cumming and I thank him. He pulls out and my pussy is wanting more. I roll over on my hands and knees he climbs on the bed and enters me again. Rhythmically moving his hips as his cock slides in and out of pussy. He begins to pump harder and faster and I feel his cock growing inside and he is about to cum. He grunts and gives my pussy one more thrust and explodes. I feel his cock throbbing inside me sending rope after rope of that sweet cream and I almost cum again. He pulls out and we catch our breaths momentarily and chit chat about life and how things are going.

He apologizes for all the rain checks and I smile and tell him no reason to be sorry we have lives. He lays on his back and I work my mouth towards his cock. I always feel like it’s a challenge of seeing if I can take the whole cock down my throat. At first I slowly slide my mouth down his cock and work up the confidence to attempt taking it down my throat. I relax my jaw and begin to take his Cock down my throat. I am successful and I slide his cock up and down my throat. Success! I can’t do it all the time but when I can take a cock all the way down my throat I’m proud of myself. I pull his cock out of my mouth but still stroke it with my hand.

He sits up grabs the wand and I am now sitting on my feet and he is placing the wand on my clit. He pauses for a second as he gets off the bed and stands at the end. I lay on my back with my feet in the air my head hanging over the end of the bed wanting it filled with cock. He gives my mouth what it’s craving as he has the wand on my clit and his cock finds my mouth. He thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth as he makes me gag on it and I can’t hold back cumming. He grabs my head and flips me over on my belly and slides his cock into my pussy. Then he works me up to the head of the bed as he thrusts inside me. We get to the top where there is a grab bar and I grab it as he begins to pump his cock in me.

I hear the jingling of handcuffs and I’m excited. Taking away your sense of control by being restrained is such a turn on. It makes the movement and feeling of a cock in my pussy that much more intense. I close my eyes and grip the bar as I feel my body ready to explode again. My body trembles as I cum on his cock again. He slowly reaches up and undoes the handcuffs I roll onto my back breathing heavy.

We catch our breaths and he tells me he has one more in him. We begin kissing and he kisses my neck which send shivers down my spine. He grabs my breast and squeezes hard. A moan escapes my lips and I’m hoping this is a good orgasm for him as it will be his last one of the night. He uses me like a rag doll fucking me on my back on my hands and knees and pulling my hair so I can see us fuck in the mirror. I love watching a cock slide in and out of my pussy. I’m moving my hips up and down working his cock like I want to milk that cock for all its worth. He starts grunting and I know he is getting close. He starts pumping his cock in and out of my pussy faster and harder. His grunting becomes more throaty and I know he is about to cum. One more hard slam into my pussy and he releases. Sending another rope after rope of Sweet Cum in my young futile pussy.

We lay on each other sweaty and breathing labored and heavy. He mentions how sweaty he is and I ask him if he would like to rinse off and he is so appreciative. He gets out of shower and gets dressed and tells me he needs nicotine and runs out to his car. He comes back in and he asks if I minds if he takes off or if I want to play more. I tell him it’s up to him and he states that he is already dressed and he thinks he will just take off. I tell him okay and move to the end of the bed to give him a goodbye kiss and hug. A fire ignites in him and he strips down and fucks me one last time and then says okay now I’m going hehe. Tell Johnny thank you.

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