Hotel sex [m]26/[f]26 ended with a couple watching us

So a little while ago, my gf and I (m/f)26 were on a short vacation and staying in a nice hotel. When we arrived to check-in, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we had been upgraded to a suite! We got up to our room on the top floor and began looking around, it had a bathtub that had a sliding half-wall which you could open and be able to see out the window. The room also had a living room with a bench placed right beneath a different window (I wonder what that could be there for) and lots of other nice amenities. After unpacking, we decided to go on a casual hike.

About halfway through this hike, my gf suddenly stopped. She turned around to me and put one finger over my lips as she dropped to her knees. She pulled my dick out and began sucking like there was no tomorrow. It was pretty cold out and I am definitely a grower not a shower so at first she taking the whole thing with total ease. As I got harder and harder her face lit up and she took a break to smile and say “I love feeling you get hard in my mouth, I’ll never understand how you can get so much bigger”. Then, she was right back to work. Bobbing her head on my cock, deepthroating me, and eventually she reached her hands around so one was on each of my ass cheeks and she fucked her own throat with my cock – gagging and drooling all over the place. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her up to her feet, and yanked down her leggings. She bent over and I ate her pussy and her ass from behind, feeling her get wetter and wetter by the second. At one point I was eating her ass and reached around to rub her flit at the same time when we heard people coming our way on the trail. We quickly made ourselves decent and kept on hiking.

We finally got back to the hotel, both of us dying with the need to cum after what had just transpired. So, I drew us a bath and we spent a little while just making out and exploring each other’s bodies. Soon she slid the half-wall open and bent herself over the edge of the tub using the half-wall for support. I slid and slapped my cock all over her pussy and clit until she moaned for me to just put it in and fuck her already. As I slid into her, it was one of the tightest she’s ever been. I could barely get the first 2 inches of my dick inside her and had to work it in really slow. Eventually I was balls deep her, slapping her ass, and calling her all sorts of names. I felt her legs starting to quiver as she started letting out screams of pleasure. My balls were slapping her clit with every thrust as she came hard and loud for me. She came so hard that both actually slipped and almost fell hard in the tub Lol.

After the near accident, we decided to move somewhere else in the room. She blindfolded me and put me in a chair before slipping a very tight cock ring over me and using another around my balls. She teased me and played with my balls like this until she was ready to give me her perfect pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto me and began riding me – slow then fast then faster then stopping to grind her pussy on me. I pulled off the blindfold to watch her amazing C cups bounce and her amazing ass jiggle in the mirror. Soon I realized we were right next to an open window that was overlooking the parking lot.

I told her “be a good girl for me and get yourself pressed up against that window”. She blushed and nervously yet excited obeyed. She pressed her tits and side of her face up against the window while sticking her ass out for me to enjoy. I grabbed this toy we have that is a mix between a butt plug and anal beads and had her suck it to get it wet before slipping it into her ass. I quickly began fucking her hard from behind, slapping her ass, and pressing her harder up against the window. That’s when I noticed a car pull into the parking lot below us. A middle aged couple got out and the husband saw us immediately. I told my girl we had an audience and she started going even more wild than before. I pulled her slightly off the window and had her with her knees on the bench I mentioned before and her hands up on the window. At this point, the husband had pointed us out to his wife and they were stopped dead in their tracks, suitcases in hand, watching us have one of the best fucks of our relationship. My gf’s tits were bouncing like crazy, occasionally smacking into the window in front of her. She looked up and all four of us made eye contact with each other – this sent my girl over the edge and she squirted for the first time in her life. This was enough for me and I told her to get on her knees. She pulled off the cock rings and worked me until I shot a big thick load all over her face and in her mouth… some of it shot off and it hit the window. She got up and looked at the couple watching us from below (now fondling each other and whispering in each others ears) as she wiped the cum off her face and tits and sucked her fingers clean. The couple scurried inside to checkin and we took a shower before passing out in each others arms.

Let me know if you wanna hear more about our adventures or if you have any questions!

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