Hot tub sex with my gf’s friend

So my gf and I were having a discussion about me having sex with her friend Liv since I let her have sex with a friend of mine recently. As long as I give her a full update on what happened then she doesn’t mind how it happens. I go over to Liv’s place last night since her mom wasn’t home and she’s already aware of what’s going on so at first we’re just talking in the kitchen and she was telling me the relationship she just got out of not too long ago. She was wearing a black crop top with a gray hoodie over it and jeans. I asked her if she wanted to have sex in her bedroom then she said she wanted things to be spicier and started stripping out her clothes a minute later. I wasn’t aware that she was already wearing a red Chinese printed tie-side thong bikini until she took her crop top and jeans off. Since I wasn’t aware that I was getting in water I had to strip down to my underwear then she led me into the hot tub with her.

After 10 minutes of fun conversations I leaned in for a kiss and we started having a make out session. The longer we made out the more I groped her ass and grinded my hard on against her crotch and I kept doing it until she giggled. While hugging her she whispered into my ear “please fuck me” and I told her that I gotta get condom that I kept in my wallet but she said “fuck a condom” then I bent her over the edge of the tub and pulled her bottoms down to her thighs and slid myself in her from behind. Since the hot tub was at the side of the house you can see people walking past the front thankfully since it was around midnight there weren’t many people out. A guy and a girl were walking by and saw us and I slowed down my pace a little bit as we both made eye contact with them then she waved and blew them a kiss which made me pound her even harder. I ended up announcing that I was gonna cum and she started throwing it back even faster then moaned even louder and started yelling “OH MY GOD YES, PUT A BABY IN ME, IM YOUR BITCH, DO IT, FUCK ME!!” then I fucked her even harder while smacking her ass until I ended up shooting my load inside her and made her scream again. I just hugged her from behind as I unleaded the rest of my cum inside her then I kissed her cheek and her shoulder as I pulled out and watched it spill out of her vagina. She laughed as it kept leaking out of her and said “damn dude you creampied the shit out of me” as she pulled her bottoms back up I asked her if she could take her bottoms and top off completely and she said “getting greedy now?” and giggled as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

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