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Hot Sex With My Aunt

I am kiran(name change) from bangalore. I just finished my b.E 22 years old. My skin color is dusky . My shaft size is enough to satisfy any women .

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Let me come to the story heroine of my story is my aunt she had 36 sized boob of which any guy would die for, name of my aunt is suchi (36-30-32) (name changed).

This story started with my aunt , we are a joint family we all stay together in the same building . One fine day entire family wanted to go for a function , but I dint want to join them because I was sick and even my aunt dint go saying even she is not feeling good to go out ,she told my uncle that she will take care of me and asked to leave because it might get late .

After everyone left . My aunt asked me to sleep in the room . I went to her kids I was messy I told her its messy what to do , she advised me to sleep in her room and she went to bath , till then I dint have any bad intentions on her . When I went into her room there was her bra lying on the bed ,evil in me got up thinking she will come into the room and wear her bra I thought of acting when she enters the room .

As I expected my aunt finished her bath and came into the room to get dressed ,she was just covering herself with the towel ,she was looking so hot water was dripping from her dress. She came near me and checked if I was sleeping or not . I acted of sleeping ,later she removed her towel and stood in front of the mirror , trust me readers she was looking like a bombshell, that second I decided to fuck her . She dressed up and got out of the room .

After few hours my aunt came to wake me up to eat food . I got up and freshened up ,later went to the table to have food omg she was looking very hot in the saree most of her body parts was visible I got hard on my pants . She caught me looking at her boobs but dint tell anything just told you have become a big boy .

Later my aunt got the call from my uncle saying they wont come back today . I was the most happiest person in the world , later I told my aunt I was getting bored let’s go watch a movie in the theater . We went to watch a kannada movie , after the movie we were going back to parking lot we took the lift, lift was filled with we had to adjust my dick started to touch my aunts ass ,it started to grow bigger and within no time my dick took its full size, I noticed she was liking it , I started rubbing my dick she gave a naughty smile to my bad our floor came we had to go out of lift since our floor came , since we were going back to the house in the it started rain . I asked my aunt

Me:aunty gaddi nilsla side alli (aunty should I stop the bike).

Aunty:beda kano manege hogi adge bere madbeku ( don’t want I should go cook food).

Later she aunty got wet completely I could feel her boobs touching me .

We reached home and got into the house . My aunt went into her room to change her clothes . I went into her kids room was masturbating, in the hurry I forgot lock the door got caught by my aunt , I was scared to face her and was scared if she would tell my mom. After few hours she called me for dinner there was complete silence in the room later I made some courage and asked sorry aunty and cried not to tell my mom.

She was so sweet she came and sat next to me and told don’t worry I never thought of telling it to your mom and started teasing me that you only gave idea . I was like no aunty please . She hugged me and told I was just shocked looking at your dick ,then she asked

Aunty:yavaginda start madidya edu ( from when did you start masturbating).

Me:with shy I told from 10th aunty .

Aunty:ohoh avaglinda na yarna nenskond hodkothya( ohoh from then only whom do you think and masturbate).

Me:I got confidence and told you and varsha

Aunty: laughed and asked what you liked in me and varsha (sis)

Me:I told you both have good boobs .

She laughed and told I will go sleep .

I followed her to the bedroom and we both lied down , aunts ass was touching me ,I thought I should not miss this chance . I went close removed my shorts made my dick touch aunt ass completely . I got more confidence because dint movie away , I slowly went to her boobs she started moning  very loudly , she turned towards me and started kissing me wildly . I tore her blouse apart I couldn’t resist .She shouted fuck me harder and started giving blowjob after few minutes I cummed in her mouth .

She drank all the cum and I was ready again my dick got hard . I made her legs wide started fucking her ,all we could hear was moaning and body clasping sounds and  after few minutes she started riding me very hard trust me guys she was the best at it .We fucked one again in the middle of the night I asked her I wanted to fuck her in doggy style so that I can slap her ass we fucked and we both slept naked .

Morning I got up and my aunt was still lying on me ,I woke her up she gave a naughty smile and went away. Later my aunt came to the with coffee and I was still lying on the bed . She told she has love bites everywhere and was scared if her husband would see and there were bite marks on me too .

Later she told me to get ready because everyone would come .  After I got ready my aunt was cooking in kitchen for everyone. I went and hugged her from the back started fucking her on the table . She was shouting don’t stop ahh ahh and we had many more sessions like this .

Next part will tell how I had threesome with my aunt and my sis based on the feedback.

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