Home wreckers

One of my exes Rob (37M) was wealthy and his wife left him cause she caught him having sex with me (19F) last year. Rob had booked a resort in the Caribbean for that summer. It was supposed to be her anniversary gift from him, but I took her place.

On the first evening we had dinner and went to the hot tub to relax. A most sexy even to me, girl (20F) came down. Shorter than me, blonde, with an ultra small bikini. Rob’s eyes came out of his head, he lost the ability to talk, his dick got hard. I had to translate his babbling. “You’re hot, chili pepper hot.” Nothing she didn’t know. “Rob has a hard dick for you, do you want to fuck?” She understood the unspoken language and we three went upstairs. I watched Rob’s dick go in and out of her as she licked my pussy and I awaited my turn to get the dick next. Best “anniversary” ever, I heard Rob say to himself, before we had a full on threesome.

Rob fell asleep and I sat on the balcony with Anya and a glass of wine. Anya had been there with her husband and they came to this resort to try and save their marriage. He was a gambling addict and left her alone in the resort that night to go waste all their money. She needed to be reassured that I didn’t mind. I told her I would have done the same thing. She asked if I had ever fucked a woman before her, I told her yes and I ate her pussy on the balcony, and she ate mine too. She borrowed a pair of shorts and a shirt from me and went back to her room.

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