“hold your moans” [edging]

I (f19) went over to my boyfriend’s (m19) house already knowing something was going to happen, I just didn’t know there were other people in there.

When I got there, I greeted his mom, stepdad and sister, and played with the cats for a bit. That was until he discreetly hugged me from behind and pressed his boner against my lower back. I got the message, and we excused ourselves to go to his room.

Immediately, he locked the door behind me and started kissing all over my neck (he knows too well how to get me dripping wet), very softly biting, leaving faint red marks. At the same time I slightly dragged my fingers over his spine, making him shiver, letting out a heavy breath by my ear.

After a few minutes of teasing, he took my shirt off and played with my nipples, sucking one other them with his mouth. when I got a little too loud, he covered my mouth, removing his own from my tit and using his free hand to choke me.

“you moan one more time and I will edge the fuck out of you” I couldn’t even think straight anymore. I love edging and I love when he chokes me, and him suddenly being so dominant was a massive turn on. I’m usually the dominant one, so this was a delightful surprise.

I purposely moaned a little and his grip on my neck got tighter. At this point my pussy was a desperate, drippy mess, just contracting around nothing. I wanted more.

He took my pants off and in a mocking tone said “I think you need new panties… are you this needy, to the point of soaking them?”, to which i replied “yes- please do something, I need it so badly”.

He started teasing my clit with an extremely light touch and finally put a finger inside. I sighed in relief: I was finally getting what I so desperately wanted. Maybe because of the huge teasing, my pussy was *really* tight, and I didn’t know if I could take another finger without getting to the edge.

Skillfully curling his finger, I was still begging for a little more. When he inserted a second one, my prediction was right: I could feel my orgasm coming. To my dismay, he pulled his two, now glistening, fingers out, saying “I told you I would edge the fuck out of you~ now how about you take care of my (also desperate) cock?”

My desperation was quickly swapped with eagerness to pleasure him. Spreading the precum all over his cock, I began stroking him, earning lovely sighs and shallow moans. I did my best to cover more area, but my hand can barely wrap around him (it’s quite thick).

When he got close to reaching the edge, he pulled my hands away and grabbed a condom from the bed side table “I really need to fuck you, I don’t care if there’s people in the house. *just keep quiet*”.

I was desperate at this point. I need him. I needed to feel his cock stretching my pussy. We got into missionary position and he aligned his dick with my entrance. Despite how wet I was, he could barely go deeper than the tip, so he eased three fingers inside and, finally, could fill me with his cock. Both of us let out a breathy moan, him saying: “Fuck- you’re so tight”. I was, in fact, tight, and I love the feeling of him going inside.

With him plowing into my pussy, I had to hold my moans, a task that got progressively harder as I was almost reaching an orgasm for the second time. I was denied. He pulled out, slowly stroking his dick while he watched me whimper and squirm at the sudden emptiness.

This went on for two more times. I was a fucking mess, just pathetically whimpering, begging for his cock and an orgasm. Until I finally got it, the climax I was waiting for. It was so intense all I could do was shake, trying my absolute hardest to not moan.

My pussy was contracting and squeezing his dick so much that he also reached his orgasm. My still sensitive cunt could feel him throbbing, spurting a big load of cum into the condom.

When he pulled out, we saw just how much he came, the tip of the condom hanging full. We cleaned up, got dressed and cuddled, later on putting a movie on the tv, still breathing heavy from what just happened.

In the end, I was able to hold my moans, but at the cost of many whimpers and edges.

Thank you for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed <3

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