Hoe Phase Day 2 Part 1

Ok so day 2 of my self proclaimed hoe phase was busy so I’m not going to post it all in one go. I didn’t make it all the way through the night with my holes stuffed. The dildo in my pussy slid out cause my pussy was fucking soaking while my ass had pushed out the toothbrush.

It was a bit messy but fuck it, it was my ex’s and he was never coming back to use it. As soon as I woke up, I felt the emptiness in my holes but I resisted the temptation to fill them again knowing I had a dick appoint from tinder later. I couldn’t just leave my self unsatisfied I had to play with my pussy, massaging the tender hole gently. I was so sensitive every touch sent chills but soon as I was cumming on my fingers. Feeling all my sticky juices flowing.

Satisfied, it was time to face the day. My room was still a state, like an actual pig sty. There was sloppy mess all over the floor, clothes everywhere, sheets covered in just about everything you can imagine and the matter of the toys that spent the night in my holes. Once I had put everything back in order I realised the smell was still lingering,so had to open the windows to air the place out. Now time to doll up. I had 2 lectures at uni in the morning then an afternoon of “self study” that I would hopefully use getting railed by my tinder date so I had to balance being a needy slut and a good student.

A skirt was the answer, could look like the perfect modest student for my classes but then hole it up to have my dick appointment. A nice top and a bra which helped display my tits finished off my outfit. I decided against panties, they would just get in the way and the added thrill helped my needy holes stay wet. I did some quick make up, packed all my shit then set off to uni. It was way colder than I expected and the breeze on my exposed pussy was a wild feeling. I spent the 2 lectures in the morning very distracted. I’d told my friends about the breakup so they thought I was just upset but really I was just pining for cock. Every guy that I saw at uni looked incredible, even the usual boring guys that I wouldn’t give the time of day to looked fuckable. It genuinely took all my composure to sit and listen in the lectures. Taking notes kept my hands above the table and away from my pussy.

2 excruciatingly boring and uncomfortable hours later and I was done. I went straight to the bathroom to transform from student to slut. Reapplying my lipstick, undoing a few buttons on my top and hiking up my skirt so it just covered my ass. We’d agreed to meet at a cafe on the uni campus to make sure he was who he said he was and that I wouldn’t end up murdered. With my skirt so short, my pussy lips were nearly on show and it felt like it cause the wind was stinging them.

He texted saying he was running 10mins late so I arrived I got myself a coffee and sat in the window. For about 5 mins I was just staring into space people watching until I noticed a group of men staring at me. It took a few seconds to realise why. My skirt had fully ridden up giving them a perfect view of my pussy. Embarrassing. Yes but fuck it I’d never see them again, so before closing my legs I opened them wider giving them a clearer view. Just as I closed my legs my tinder date arrived, he looked exactly like his pictures so I was relieved.

We got the awkward small talk out the way quickly as I finished my coffee. I knew I wanted and it was clear he did to so before he even got a coffee we made for his car. On the walk to his car he made me walk ahead of him so he could check out my ass which was poking out of my short skirt. He’d parked in the big multi-story car park that was always empty cause it cost a fucking bomb. His car was the only one on level 3 with nobody in sight so I decided to be risky and try for some public fun. We’d planned on heading back to his flat for our rendezvous but the thrill of the empty car park was too good to resist.

I dropped to a squat in front of him clearly wanting him to free his cock for my attention. He was clueless though absolutely no comprehension of what I wanted to do. I had to grab his waist and undo his jeans before he grasped it. He must of really picked good angles and lighting for his dick pic cause what came out of his jeans was way less impressive looking. I was a bit disappointed with it but at least it was clean and well groomed. He was already rock solid probably due to the sight of my ass wiggling in my short shirt. I took his cock into my mouth, running my tongue around it. He started moaning as if he’d never had his cock sucked before.

I took him fully into my mouth bobbing my head up and down. For 2 minutes I kept it up with him constantly groaning before I decided it was time for me to get some pleasure. As soon as I squatted down my pussy crying out for cock. It was so needy and wet ready to be filled. Releasing his cock, I stood up and walked to the front of his car. Bending over and lifting my skirt up an inch, revealed my soaking pussy. I was so exposed if anyone came up to this level I’d be fully visible. Tinder guys mouth was wide open at the sight and no wonder it was definitely something out of porn or from playboy. He came up behind me, and slapped my ass. I was shocked it was the first time he’d taken the lead since we met. I got over my shock quickly as he very unceremoniously shoved his cock into my pussy. What came next was just pure disappointment. I don’t think it even lasted 10 seconds before he was grunting like an animal, thrusting erratically shooting his cum into my pussy. I remained bent over the car until he’d calmed down, his limp dick falling out of my now creamed pussy. Turning around I saw his stupid grinning face looking as he’d had the time of his life. Clearly he thought he’d given me a great time cause he said in all seriousness “how was that babe”. I was fucking raging. Was that it? A few measly pumps and nothing more. On tinder he’d been giving it big about how he’d ruin my cunt but all I got was that. I stood up and tried to get some composure maybe he’d be ready for round 2 soon. But no he was doing g up his jeans and searching for his keys.

He offered to drop me off home but I was so done with his company so I declined. He made to say something about doing this again but I cut him off saying it was a one time thing before stalking off down the stairs. I was so unsatisfied, my pussy was crying out for more and I knew my fingers and my toys wouldn’t be able to satisfy it. I decided there and then to get a drink at the closest bar and hopefully find someone that could actually last long enough to give me some satisfaction.

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